Pro-cycling thread

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  • Both my daughters, aged 11 and 8, think he's ace. Mainly because he charmed them once when we saw him out riding on our way back from swimming, but also because he is on the tv every now and again and does lots of different stuff on social media.

  • Haha! I’m just the luckiest kid in the world that hasn’t been told to grow up yet.

    If you’re really interested though - after being an out and out racer for the redhook crit team, when that stopped, I didn’t want to, so I just kept the momentum going by bringing ideas to the table for Specialized. Thankfully they like animated dinosaurs and the random shit I do and trust me with some cool projects. That attracted some others brands and all of a sudden it kinda just worked. Most videos / adverts / kits and stuff I design myself, so that’s the main pull now. As long as I keep the credibility up getting a few results up, it’s all good. But yes, I’m very fortunate to have carved the niche I have, it’s not taken for granted believe me.

  • Hi Mr Pedaler

    How can I get my client @amey into this line of work?

  • As long as I keep the credibility up

  • Pogacar has signed a new contract with UAE until the end of 2027.

  • Love this response. You get more "than a few results " too.

  • just before going out for a good few celebratory beers

  • Guy on the left is giving me a Middle East Slugworth vibe.

  • That’s Mauro Gianetti.

  • Ha! Ok, not very middle-eastern then.

  • Somewhat tuned down last night from 'broken knee' to 'a crack in the kneecap'. Word is he'll take some painkillers and ride regardless on Thursday.

    Seems a craked kneecap is better than having 2 speeds and RedBull build a bespoke ramp

  • when that stopped, I didn’t want to, 

    True fixie life.
    Can't stop. Don't want to.

  • gold helmet ? you are like a little baby

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  • Is that Carapaz's dogma? I hope they are spraying the whole bike that colour. It looks amazing.

  • In case those Dogmas didn't weigh enough already!

  • Billy’s going to be dripping. He’s done a tooth, I heard.

  • To me Sam Bennett is the peak of mental weakness. Telling everyone he got bullied at Bora, that he almost was depressed and bankrupt but then return after 14 months, is like the woman who returns home after domestic abuse.

    is lefevere OK

  • Bitterest pill to swallow when sam wupps cavs .

  • Maybe, but can’t think of many sprinters who have done better after leaving Quickstep. (Other than 2016 Cav)

  • Isn't what went on there most likely that Cavendish persuaded Lefevere to take him to the Tour instead of Bennett and that is what caused sour grapes? I got the impression that Bennett thought his knee injury was sufficiently healed and shouldn't prevent him from going, but I may well have missed something and be looking for explanations where none are needed. The apparent scale of the fall-out just seems odd to me. Obviously, it paid off for QS because Cavendish is a much bigger star and his victories inevitably attracted far more attention. Anyway, hope Bennett thrives in his new team.

  • is lefevere OK


  • Who is the chap commentating on San Sebastian currently on Eurosport?

  • It’s Matt Rendell , very knowledgable but it appears he’s been left on his own .. and doesn’t seem to quite know what’s going on … but probably only watching what we are seeing from his tele at home.
    Hard day in the cold and rain in the Basque Country …

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Pro-cycling thread

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