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  • If the giro were awarded on aesthetics, Bernal would have already won. He looks so good, I've almost found myself wanting a Dogma.

  • least assthetic at giro is dan martin then yates imo

  • Dan Martin is a horror show on a bike. I go all hunched like him when I’m doing an effort.

    Alaphilippe is hard to match for panache.

  • You've lost your mind, both Yates brothers look beautiful on a bike.

  • They looked ridiculous in those giant Scott helmets and big glasses from a year or two ago.

  • Yates need to shave his chest. Dont @ me.

  • Their heads are too small for adult cycling gear.

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  • did the new movistar doco drop

  • Yes, season 2 of 'The Least Expected Day' is on Netflix.

  • amey can you please any% speedrun season 2 and report back

  • What was going on with Yates' handlebars today? At first I though the bar tape was coming loose in the drops, but then I noticed both sides match, is it some sort of electronic shifting wizardry that I do not understand?

  • Di2 Sprinter shifters

  • Thought it would be something like that. Thanks for filling in one of my knowledge gaps (there are many)

  • Was Bernal just a bit off the pace at the start of the climb, or was it tactical?

    It would actually be really smart (but risky) tactics if you're feeling good, to come off the pace a little, get on the radio a lot, and make your rivals feel like they can put some time into you by going into the red. Then you just slowly amp it up (or get Martinez to) and pass all the riders once they've burned themselves out.

    Carthy in particular clearly felt like staying with Bernal was a loser, but badly misjudged it, and it didn't work out well for Caruso either.

  • You’ve just described the Sky Train.

  • But feigning a bad day isn't usually part of that is it? I know the riding to power to relentlessly bring back breaks is, but not actually fooling rivals into thinking it's worth attacking?

  • Right. Not sure Bernal was bluffing today. I think he was just riding smart.

    If he’s ‘on here’ he’ll have read my ADSA directive yesterday not to snap on to surges but to use his team to dial up the pace.

  • @userbernal


  • You're probably right. He looked super smart today while all around (except Yates and Almeida) seemed to be losing their heads.

    He's worryingly likeable for an Ineos rider. If it wasn't for Moscon and Ratcliffe it would be easy to go full fanboy.

  • Dont worry , dreamy pete will be back soon.

    Bernal to put a minute on everyone tomorrow .

  • Probably one of those people who leaves a work outfit under his desk and commutes in GCN FKW.

    Definitely. Lloydo doesn’t even know if he owns clothes ... and family buy his only underwear.

  • Nah man Ganna on that TT bike had me melting

  • Was Bernal just a bit off the pace at the start of the climb, or was it tactical?

    Off the (unrealistic) pace that only Yates came near to maintaining.

    Unlike Wednesday Egan measured his effort, made best use of his superior domestiques rather than responding each attack.

    Seems sensible to me.

    I do think there’s a big question mark over his upcoming TT if he really is accumulating damage to his back.

  • Bernal to put a minute on everyone tomorrow.

    I think he might go backwards a bit.

    Will Caruso go away with Yates? This could be great.

  • Bernal's hotel room tonight...

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Pro-cycling thread

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