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  • froomey: "and another thing: im not mad. please dont put in the newspaper that i got mad."

  • It’s neater with the Knot stem and bars. I suspect the Vision stuff is much easier for the mechanics though.

    I never took mine off to weigh it when I had my SystemSix but superficially, it resembled a boat anchor.

  • worst episode ever of the butterfly effect

  • Froome at 70kgs and 185cm (per the medical report in the vid): "there's still muscle mass and fat to get rid of". Pray for the bone density of these guys

  • He’s aspiring for Hugh Carthy’s physique.

    All that walking around on crutches has clearly added muscle mass on his arms and shoulders.

  • Carthy is approaching Richard Hughes levels of skinny. He rode (horses) at 8 stone 6 and is 5'10''.

  • 8 stone 6 and is 5'10''.

    Did he ride them in the dark ages?

  • Looked a bit tongue in cheek from McCabe but from looking at Williams' posts on instagram he is either easily offended by everything or thinks that people will think more of him he is sounds tough on social media. either way its ridiculous,

  • GCN subscription thing - worth it? What do they do, stream races over youtube?

  • App or web. Same as Eurospurt.

  • I hate grand tours starting with a TT. Particularly a flat one. Boring.

  • What about the wet one in belfast when loads crashed ?

  • Rewards a good TT and gives someone different some time in lellow or prink.

    Means that Geraint won't have crashed out on the first stage (ok, this is still about 50% chance)

    It's a 3 week Tour, like you're going to give it your full attention every day anyway.

  • Thanks.

    I get Eurospurt through Tivo currently but I'm thinking of killing it off and using GCN for more cycling content, less TV in general.

  • Spanish commentary as well so win win.

  • GCN with no ad breaks is muy bueno

  • It's good for turbo too if you have ran out of other things to watch/listen to

  • But this is where the nuance of pro cycling lives! In the TTs!

    Or so people say - but I think it's boring as well.

  • Does gcn do track cycling?

  • Only on penny farthings.

  • I was watching the gcn preview on ytube this morning and it seemed there will be a load of extra content on there vs eurosport - long and short form highlights, commentary afterwards and stuff. Thinking of just taking out a sub for it too tbh

  • You can allow the jersey to switch around in other ways.

    like you're going to give it your full attention every day anyway

    No - but the first day should be a spectacle.

    50% chance


  • I do like the odd TT. It’s a great chance for the specialists and it rewards the R&D that improves some aspects of cycling. Not for day one of a grand tour though. Can you imagine how boring 2013 TdF would have been with a TT around Leeds?

  • Can you imagine how boring 2013 TdF would have been with a TT around Leeds?

    The 2007 start in London was fantastic. Huge crowds too.

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Pro-cycling thread

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