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  • Like the worlds worst butlins knobbly knees contest

  • New Chris Froome video up; "Chris hits back!"

    I do actually like him and I hope he can make it back. I rate his drive and ambition but the sports induced asthma cough disclaimer at the beginning has more than a whiff of the Prince Andrew I can't sweat defence to it, whilst also reminding me of myself being hungover at work and being sick and then trying to pass it off as food poisoning to colleagues.

    He does some very good unintentional popping and locking later on, maybe a post-cycling career in breakin' looms

  • Jakobsen is not happy with Groenewegen.

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  • I still think Groenewegen did nothing wrong, Fabio is being a bit sandy. Its UCI to blame rather than. slinging mud at each other.

  • My reading is that Jakobsen is pursuing compensation against Groenewegen/JV.

    If Groenewegen apologises, he’s making an admission of liability.

  • ah so its a bit 'where theres blame theres claim' .. good hustle

  • I think it always appears a bit grasping when (relatively) well paid sports people go after big payouts but, it’s a short career and they’ve got to have some security financially.

  • I still think Groenewegen did nothing wrong

    Sorry, but that's bullshit. He knowingly shut the door on Jakobsen, that was a disqualification offence. The fact that the crash was so horrific isn't directly Groenewegen's fault, and the blame their can be apportioned to the race organisers and the UCI, but he was in the wrong.

  • isnt the general worldview on sprinting that its rough and aggro so stuff like that happens regularly ?

  • It's rare that one of the top tier of sprinters, so currently Ewen, Bennett, Groenewegen and possibly Gaviria and Ackermann, use rough house tactics like that on a rival. They don't need too, as they have the sprint to beat most rivals regularly. If they do start to do so, then they'll become a target and other teams will ride against them, hence why they have respect for one another and are, generally, very correct in how they ride.

  • It is however completely logical for people like Lefevere to use Jakobsen this way. Groenewegen said nothing in the media about what they talked about, only that they had a talk, and now this? 2 days before the Giro? Very, very ugly.

  • 'I am disappointed that Dylan has talked about our meeting publicly. I will not do so.' Goes on to say what wasn't said at the meeting. Hmmmm.

  • Yes it does. I was not being quite serious

  • "We agreed not to say anything about the meeting, and I will honour that agreement, apart from by detailing the following..."

  • That's what I said! @croft obviously has me on ignore. #sadface

  • Nah. Just bad reading comprehension!

  • Phew. I can sleep happily tonight.

  • I find it difficult to comprehend that Groenewegen is being portrayed as the victim in this. Jakobsen very nearly died due to his momentary lack of judgement. He should accept responsibility for his actions.

  • Kinda difficult to do that if Patrick then ends up suing him on the back of it.

  • Not a fan of the Vision stem but that hose routing is a neat solution IMO.

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Pro-cycling thread

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