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  • Xav says the stockbroker position is worth 35.5w over hoods (31w over drops) at 45km/h.­status/1382353200011939843

    I’ve no idea if the stockbroker guy is a douche or not but I love training and given the opportunity I’d definitely spend a couple of years seeing how fast I could get if I lived a pro lifestyle. I’m too old and I know my genetics are mediocre but I’d still love to see what’s possible.

  • How come we’re yet to figure you out then?

  • Really interesting, aerohoods position is similar to hooked pinkie position (on test rider) but I think hooked pinkie position might be more comfortable?

    Also noteworthy that aerohoods is much faster than drops.

  • Did I miss something here? I have no clue why that's called the stockbroker's position. Imo that's 'the points race breakaway position'. But then again hardly anyone watches track cycling I guess.

  • Alex Richardson of Alpecin Fenix, formerly a stockbroker, cyclist of ridicule, was DQed from Tour of Turkey for using that position in the race.

  • Thanks for explaining, that makes sense. Although imho a stockbroker cunt does not deserve the credit of a famous (and quite skillful) track position named after him.

  • Yes I’m sure it is skillful and I certainly wouldn’t feel comfortable riding it on the roads round me. I was disappointed to discover how fast the aero hoods position is though... just after riding a road bike tt in the drops :(

  • Aero hoods gives me a headache after a few minutes.
    Maybe a welcome distraction from the pain in the legs...

  • Might have well have. The only other old guy at RPR who went from zero to hero was Justin but he got his first cat by riding HHV opens in the Bs 😂

  • . nvrmnd will look for the right one

  • Lol with full disc and 5spok at A track league last year and still got spat

  • Hard to pick a winner today but William Hill offers prices on a top 10 finish and there’s a few in there who look generous.

    Young ‘Brit’ Simon Carr (11th at Strade Bianche) is 20/1.

  • Ladies Amstel Gold Race is already underway, finish expected around 10:45 UK time. Livestream here, maybe VPN needed­n-vroeg-vertrokken-in-amstel-gold-race.h­tml Eurosport Player from 10:00

  • VPN needed, sadly. Will go live on Sporza and Eurosport around 11 in UTC+2.

  • Last lap! Grace Brown just left Pauliena Rooijakkers behind in a descent, Erica Mignaldi chasing Brown, group of favourites now finally stirring at 20 something sec behind

  • Finally they're starting the chase

  • Looks like she’s going to be caught.

  • serious cycle path envy from some of these roads

  • uhhhhh... did she get it ?

    edit: ooft, just

  • Exciting finish! And what a great win, she said herself "I celebrated a bit early"

  • Every time I see those Delko outfits...

  • How do you respond do these accusations @amey

  • Have reported landslide to Home Office

  • What was Longo Borghini thinking?

  • is that a Belstaff jacket Tom Dumoulin is wearing?

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Pro-cycling thread

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