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  • lets hope simmons doesent even get top 50

  • hope he doesn't get a tiny cola

  • 5th is rubbish.
    Couldn’t even beat Van Aert in the sprint...

  • So what happened to Wout? I was hoping he’d be fresh as but maybe missing his ‘race legs’?

    Anyone got any insight?

  • Lost the winning move, got toast trying to bridge on his own.

  • seemed like WVA was pulling pretty hard mid-race while MVDP was rocking his shoulders

  • Yeah just got off the blower with him. He said he couldnt be bothered as SB isn't even a classic. Just there for some training and Gelato.

  • Wattbombz

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  • Someone playing guitar hero at the piazza

  • He just got back from el teide, firat race of the season for him. Obviously his aim lies with the Ronde.

  • That’s fair enough and I respect him for being honest.

  • And what’s with Berny? He was there but made no attempt to win IMO. I know it’s not his parcours, but couldn’t he have come to the front on the final climb and raised the tempo from the base to force Jules and big lad to ride out of their comfort zone. The next group wasn’t close so I think he had time to risk blowing up. He just seemed to settle for third, which isn’t samba style at all.

  • Class. However, after the CX World Champs and now Strade Bianche it seems MvdP is lacking form in his victory celebrations.

  • You mean as if they weren’t already climbing at 500w+?
    If the climb was 1km longer and just as steep, he would likely have cycled past them.

  • does bernal ever attack?

  • if I was bernal I would just have ridden faster than the other guys to win the race #insight

  • So who is excited for San Remo...

  • You think the power they were doing at the base already exceeded his best 60 seconds?

    You may be right. Even so he didn’t seem do anything to impose himself on the finish, which seems like a psychological problem from where I’m reclining.

    Get Steve Peters back on the bus.

  • best 60 seconds after a stonking race


    I know what you mean. I was expecting him to go right from the bottom of the climb, before the arch ... in order to suite his physiology vs the punchier opposition.

    But wtf do we know really.

    He’s right though. The gelato alone is worth the visit.

  • Awesome race. Got the base coat done too!

  • He's sad there are no crowds

  • Well that was brilliant. Had a nice ride with a mate, then this. The women's was great (what I could watch) - aggressive and attacking. And the men's was too. Not sad to see Simmons taken out by a couple incidents.

    Van der Poel's sprint up the last climb was shocking. Dan Lloyd mentioned one point where it looked like he as going back was likely just a position correction, so I don't know weak he really looked earlier on. Funny him saying at the end that Alaphilippe had told him he wasn't feeling great earlier, and nice he said he believed him because he usually takes his turns. I liked his celebration, seemed very joyful.

    Really glad to see Bernal going so strong (also on Mt Ventoux) after his back/ leg length stuff last year. I also wondered why he didn't go early on the climb to try and win before realising he's hardly soft pedalling and he's likely aware of van Aert trying to get back on.

  • That really was one of the most ferocious attacks I've seen. To just drop Alaphilippe so considerably. Phenomenal.

  • Almost as impressive as when he dropped N1no at Nove Mesto

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Pro-cycling thread

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