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  • I've got a linguistics degree but that tends to mean I would disregard academic literature and focus on how the language is spoken ;)

    It's a choice whether to pronounce foreign words 'correctly' when speaking English but the default is definitely to pronounce them in the 'English way' as @Sumo is not alone in finding that it grates...

    You're basically right but to be honest (presuming a certain level of Italian ability in Hatch) it's less about his L2 phoneme inventory (as I doubt he really has one) and more about switching from his L1 vowel inventory to his L2 vowel inventory and switching emphasis (and/or downright mimicry). Neither of those meant as a slight, I'm not sure my Italian is good enough to truly have a phoneme inventory and mimicry is an important skill in language learning.

    FWIW Italians don't tend to bother with English words because they find the 'oh' sound in English very difficult because their 'o' vowel is so back (i.e. literally pronounced further back in the mouth) than our 'oh' sound which is very much towards the front.

    The AMAZING Franco Battiato hit Cuccurucucu is a great example of this when he speaks English during the song (it's also a top tune!):­YnM

  • Came for the racing, stayed for the linguistics bantz.

    My hot Kirby take is that sitting in his bedroom watching the coverage like the rest of us, but having to talk through it for 3 hours is really not that easy. I'm pretty sure if I were to attempt it there would be plenty of bollocks initially before breaking down into almost complete silence.

    Yes - there are better commentators, but I find his nonsense quite endearing. Don't @ me.

  • He’s no David Duffield, that’s for sure.

  • A lot of people on here are too young to remember how bad cycling commentary really can be.

  • We have myriad threads for hip hop slave bikes but only one for pro cycling commentary and pro cycling commentary commentary.

  • Yeah I agree with this - stupid move but not out of the blue, nor making up for bad positioning himself

  • Yeah, this. As a non-Italian Italian speaker, I find it kind of difficult to pronounce an Italian word the 'English' way.

    Dunno, maybe I'm just a dick.

  • Caught the last 20km today and Kirby was much better - I think he's alright when he's distracted but when there's not much happening he just isn't intelligent enough to say worthwhile or interesting things.


    Great finish today, Roglic pulled it out and came through brilliantly. I felt a bit for Guilliame Martin because he seems like a nice guy but he's been a nearly man through so many stages of the Tour and Vuelta this year.

  • Bennett unwell?

  • Just to add fuel to the fire everyone is raving about Kirbys mellow commentary on the 4 min Eurosport YouTube clips

  • Guillaume Martin watch:

    He's missed the break and therefore managed to piss off everyone: his team, because presumably it was his one job and now they're burning themselves out to stop the breakaway getting too far away; the breakaway, because they are a strong group but they're not being allowed away, and presumably also the peloton, who didn't want to be hooning it so much at the start of a weekend of big climbs.

  • He sounds almost depressed on those. Or he’s sobered up.

  • Niklas Eg is up there, good egg.

    has made my ears bleed.

  • prediction for the finish line commentary pun...

    It has been a sunny day here, but the Sun is really shining on this man....

    or a variant of.

  • Yea it's very strange. Come down Carlton

  • Let's hope he doesn't end up with egg on his face, and talking of faces, this is a real mountain face they're climbing up now, but he won't be climbing up the general classification, and speaking of generals, here's Sander Armee.

    (Sits back with tangible satisfaction at his own 'intelligence')

    Dan Lloyd is doing a big turn today and he's been good.

  • Let's hope he doesn't end up with egg on his face, and talking of faces, this is a real mountain face they're climbing up now, but he won't be climbing up the general classification, and speaking of generals, here's Sander Armee.

    Followed by an embarrassed silence from the co-host, unless the co-host is Kelly, who wasn’t paying attention, in which case it’s followed by ‘yes - well...’.

  • Martin has actually done really well.

    Neutralised the first climb so none of his rivals took points, after his team overhauled Wellens, then managed to take maximum points on the next two without any of his rivals taking any. Good lad.

  • this part of spain looks spectacular

    jumbo visma are stacked. you'd think they'd send bennett up the road, with carapaz exposed. maybe tomorrow

  • @andyp wont be happy today

  • soler playing silly buggers, showing that true movistar #RaceSmart pedigree

  • dan martin in some form

  • Can't listen to the teeth sucking anymore!!

  • Fucking around for a stage win when you can make a lot of time in GC?

    Judging by the Movistar programme he was probably getting a right earful from Eusebio.

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Pro-cycling thread

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