Pro-cycling thread

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  • Looks too magenta-y now bring back the salmon!

  • If someone can give me the official pink it will be made that

  • too maillot rojo

    but i do have a very old monitor

  • I've gone for #f7a4c2 by pulling several images of the jersey and logos and finding an average.

    It should update in a moment.

  • Very nice.

  • yes

    well done to all the graphic designers the tour de colour of the logo was the 2nd major victory for the forum today


  • keep it this way 'til he wins yellow ; )

  • Retrospectively Sunweb fucked it not making Hindley help Kelderman on the Stevio. He may have helped limit his losses more and give him a chance in the TT. That said Hindley was in a podium spot.

    But by trying both hands they let Tao sneak in and stealth it, with Dennis as the Hulk smashing everyone.

    Best GT for a decade imo, and working from home meant I could watch all of it.

  • keep it this way 'til he wins yellow ; )

    I'm inclined to TBH

  • Congratulations Tao !

    I had to be at work today :-( Reading this thread has brought me JOY !!! :-)

  • Pink looks fine ! World problem 3 solved.

  • I'm sure he'll forgive me for any spelling mistakes, given our close personal bond. He overtook me climbing up to the Port d'Envalira last year. He said 'Hola', I made an unpleasant grunting snuffling noise as I had a mouth full of Orangina Haribo.

    Ah yes, he basically instructed Rohan Dennis to set the pace up the hills 'just like Brommers'.

  • Love it. However i'd like to point out we're almost over the line with the forum caps and you're about to change the colour. This could put us back a decade!

  • Great stuff today though. It was yesterday that really had me on the edge of my seat. When he got home level on time I kind of knew he'd get it done and Jai had blown it. Was more releived when it all played out ok!

    Amazing performance by the team though. I don't have much time for Brailsford, but the way he described getting back to 'racing' rather than dominating, and that might be the Ineos way now has me looking forward to next year already.

  • Well, I'm sad to say that Rohan Dennis obviously ignored that sterling advice. Having reviewed the footage very carefully, I can't see any sign of an open bag of Orangina Haribo resting on Dennis's handlebars. Actually, I'm happy to say that, as if Dennis had climbed the hills 'au Brommers' then TGH would still be at Sestriere. Possibly Stelvio. Albeit quite probably with a large slice of cake.

  • Can't get the staff!

  • Colour is perfect. I’ve got a Rochefort 10 open. Bernal leading the Vuelta. Great end to the day.

  • Orangina Haribo

    Sound amazing. Will be searching those out

  • You should. They're very good. Got me through many a dark hour on the Three Peaks Bike Race. That and beer.

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Pro-cycling thread

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