Pro-cycling thread

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  • Can we stop doing this?

    More insight less commentary.

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  • shit! did Hindley just pull a jump there?! impressive

  • More insight

    what do you think this is? the inrng comments section?

  • I love it when amey gets all "I'm shaping this community!"

    Did I miss a whip skid?

  • I have one leg longer than the other which wasn't spotted until I was 27, can sympathise with him.

  • Fine.
    Impressive psychological tactics from Hindley. Bunny hopping to show how relaxed he is today compared with jacket-Gate yesterday. Tao will be worried now.

  • I have one leg longer than the other but never figured it's something I need to account for. Am I missing out?

  • They’d be disqualified, immediately.

  • Hub Velo and Hackney CC just mentioned.

  • Depends if it causes you issues, I get bursitis in my right hip and knee if I don't wear an orthotic in my shoe

  • if only Ineos rode with disc brakes they wouldnt have lost time on descent

  • ^ top insight

  • I have been having knee issues but attributed them to saddle height, might be worthwhile seeing someone about this. Did you go to an orthopedic doctor?

  • did the DQS rider at the front of the race not get a tow from a lapped rider? I might have lost track of positions on the road

  • The part of Rohan Dennis could be played by Benedict Cumberbatch in Giro 2020 the movie.

  • how close to the top can dennis get them? he's been pulling for an age. feel like he's keeping the cork on jai for the moment

  • I was originally sent to a physio for my hip, he spotted I walked slightly funny and sent me to a podiatrist. She immediately spotted what was wrong and I've been pain free since.

    You can self refer to a podiatrist. No need for a GP referall.

  • You can self refer to a podiatrist. No need for a GP referall.

    I'm living in Germany but still on Dutch health insurance, need to figure some things out but will get on it as soon as I'm on German insurance. Thanks!

  • james knox stop pulling challenge

  • Wiki to win the Giro if Hindley doesn't attack soon.

  • Anyone got a link to a live video?

  • Battle for 3rd popping off earlier than the battle for 1st

  • Why are they saying that leaving it late will suit TGH more? Hindley rolled him the other day.

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Pro-cycling thread

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