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  • No, he’s not.

    He believes he can come back to his best levels. So far, though, there is no evidence he can, but this truncated season hasn’t helped as he hasn’t been able to get the volume of racing he probably needs.

    I think next season will be critical, if he can reach his previous levels he’ll continue, but if he can’t I think he’d rather quit than spend a couple of years riding around major races mid-pack whilst pocketing GT winner levels of wages.

  • spend a couple of years riding around major races mid-pack

    In a chat last night I said I reckon his best performances from now until retirement would be to hang in with the Valverde type groups.

    It's perhaps a shame the crash limited his final gc wins total, but as the racing has been less processional & more exciting of late in the post-Frome era i'm not overly sad.

  • Using that big sprint-finish energy over the steepest/slowest (or any of the more important sections of the day’s race) would save more time because science.

  • Word on the street (twitter) is the race is going over the stelvio. Clear and a balmy 4c at the top tomorrow.

    Probably need a fair bit of newspaper for the descent.

  • Pernsteiner in the break today, which probably scuppers their chance of a stage win.

    Movistar making a full on assault on the team classification.

  • Can't wait to see the EF Rapha/Palace insulated jackets being deployed.

  • Movistar making a full on assault on the team classification.

    Well the fair play classification is out of the window after the sticky bottle last week so this is back to being their main target

  • Went cycling in this region last summer. These TV images are bringing back warm feelings... Mainly of the relief in choosing no excess car insurance after my old man smashed off a wing mirror on one of these rock retaining walls

  • Great racing in Belgium, the wind is wreaking havoc. Front group down to 13 riders and riders being dropped constantly.

  • MVDP in a (literal) ditch

  • now they've pushed Van De Poel into the ditch and have four left at the head of the race ... Quick Step really shouldn't mess this up .... come on Trentin , Degenkolb ... and Merlier - do it for Matheiu... !

  • The winner will always be the rider who has the best worst day (and times his move to perfection, natch)

  • Although not talking of victory, some of the stuff coming from the Froome camp is confusing, sad or kidology.

    On commentary there was talk of his numbers approaching career best, and this post race.

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  • Testing well in FTP tests etc, but just not able to hold the watts in race situations yet?

  • there will be crucial stages where teams will have to decide whether it's worth sending someone up the road or to control the pace by riding tempo on the front. but people forget that cycling is a team sport, and at the end of the day, having strength in depth is what counts.

    having said that, it's all about choosing when to attack and when to conserve your energy. you don't want to burn too many matches too early.

    who will win? it's too early to say, but this parcours will certainly ask questions of even the biggest riders.

  • Given Dennis is in the break are we to assume ineos aren't aiming for a tao gh podium?

  • Must be. I really want to see him rip it like the 2018 Giro. Sure he’ll ride into it and there’ll be an opportunity to blow it up.

  • Would Rohan Dennis be able to support TGH at the spicy end of a GC battle on the final climb?

  • Judging by the other day, no.

  • In the ITV interview upthread he said his tests were good but weren't done after 4 hours of racing

  • He’s there to try and win the stage if he can. If that fails, then he can usefully support TGH on the final climb, if required.

  • That monologue better land up on accidental partidge, a year ago, who would of imagined, curfews, maks, a million dead, no Paris Roubaix and Ineos winning stages


  • VDP not looking that clever as he climbed into the team car, I would have preferred to see him climb into the attending ambulance...

  • did you come here from the inrng comments section

  • any idea what almeida's hand signals all about?

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Pro-cycling thread

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