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  • There's no need to talk about Carlton like that.

  • I'm sure he's been called worse

  • I love TT’s when there’s a dominant rider. I like knowing what’s likely to happen and then it happens in glorious crushing style

  • Great ride by McNulty to move up on GC. I really like the kid. Hope he doesn’t turn out to be a Maga nonce.

  • What time does the women's Tour of Flanders start tomorrow? Anyone know?

  • I had planned tomorrow around De Ronde live coverage, even if it involved Cunton Cuntby. Does anyone know of a live alternative to Eurospurt?

    Really, the greatest non-cancelled race of the season is on for ONE DAY, we could cope with the Giro being reduced to highlights just once.

  • Cunton Cuntby

    Does the guy really deserve this level of vitriol? He’s just commenting on sport albeit not very well. Is this a measured reaction in 2020. You know you can just turn him down right?

  • Got cheese, meat, crisps, olives, Belgian beers, English beers and the ingredients to make a roast pork dinner once the racing finishes.

    Have a good day everyone. I have £2 on Alaphilippe and £2 e/w on Trentin.

  • No Inrng preview though. That’s become part of the ritual of a big race for me.

  • Not quite as good or as comforting as the INRNG preview but a fine read nonetheless Ciclismo

  • I've got a fiver on Bernal winning the white jersey.

  • Thanks - I did particularly enjoy this bit.

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  • I was thinking this morning that if the race does cross the high mountains and the Stelvio - unlikely as that's looking at the moment - we're going to see a lot of riders dropping out, given how intense the race/weather has been so far, especially sprinters.

    With several teams already out the peloton could end up being pretty tiny.

    I guess as least if Ballerini drops out he can retrain in cyber.

  • I'd always presumed Davide was Franco Ballerini's son but apparently not.

  • I guess as least if Ballerini drops out he can retrain in cyber.

    Would rep.

    James Knox was talking on his cycling podcast rider diary about how hard they were finding the cold.

    I assume skipping some of the high passes would help Almeida?

  • That part had me chuckling too!

  • I’ve got £10 on Bernal taking the yellow jersey all the way to Milan.

  • Oof. Taking yourself out with a feed bag. That footage is going to be played back to him a few times.

  • Gregor, Gregor. Schoolboy error.

  • Muhlberger crashing himself out of the break with his musette in extreme closeup

  • Ouch.

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  • So it looks like Eurosport 1 is flipping between the Giro and the Ronde?

  • White bibs ftw. Hope it won't rain because that's going to look awful. Oh, wait.

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Pro-cycling thread

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