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  • I saw that UCI are taking action against DG

  • There have been plenty of sprinters (probably most) who have been DQed or relegated for deviating from their line, but not with such serious consequences.

    Djamolidine Abdoujaparov was well known as a dangerous sprinter, and people have complained about Cav's sprinting, though I haven't seen it being any worse than any other.

  • Andreas Klier said last year he wouldn’t want to be a pro rider now.

  • Given Jumbo-Visma are apologising publically rather than just tweeting their best wishes/speedy recovery etc, I think they know that DG is in a lot of trouble.

  • Steel and concrete don’t tend to move as much as humans, who are softer, too. Spectators take their chances being there knowing what can happen. I know what I’d rather crash into at 60kph.

    And this a year on in the same tour where Lambrecht died crashing into a concrete barrier.

    It doesn't seem like this setup made this incident any worse but it's not exactly reassuring is it.

    Glad to hear Jakobsen is on the mend. Has there been any news about the judge?

  • Was just telling the missus this is gonna be carnage with everyone just riding turbos all year and straight onto Euro roads and then this.

    Mitch Docker and Luke Durbridge were saying on Life in the Peloton that racing has felt very sketchy so far this year. Like you say lots of pros who've spent a long time on the turbo desperate to race and with a lot of pressure to prove themselves in a condensed season, plus a nervous peloton that hasn't found it's rhythm yet.

  • This is from cyclingtips:

    A race official that Jakobsen crashed into was also reportedly
    airlifted to hospital. Race director Czeslaw Lang provided an update
    on his condition, saying that the official “suffered a head injury but
    has already regained consciousness and is now in a stable condition.”

  • And this a year on in the same tour where Lambrecht died crashing into a concrete barrier.

    That's not quite accurate, as Lambrecht landed in a concrete culvert and the impact caused internal injuries. No-one quite knows what happened as no-one else was involved in the crash, nor was it filmed or photographed.

  • Yeah, they've not had all the big road, middle east, racing to get used to the bunch again after winter, they're straight into tiny euro roads.

  • Sorry, the Guardian said it was a concrete barrier...

    Seems he hit a cat's eye apparently:­t-news/bjorg-lambrecht-crashed-hitting-r­oad-reflector-435765

  • Thanks. HealTFU judge.

  • Anyone else struggling to find Eurosport’s on demand coverage of the Tour of Poland? I can see the upcoming live stream but no on demand replay (nor does there seem to be anything searchable, other than the crash..).

  • Gillaume Martin looking incredibly strong at the mont ventoux challenge

  • Eurosport the home of cycling. Where they don't show the woman's race and snooker is on every channel.

  • I think Eurosport/GCN may have pulled the stage I replay because of the crash and not knowing if Jakobsen would survive.

  • That would make sense, though @Hamham ain’t wrong... Maybe it’s just the absence of cycling that makes me notice it more but it’s a shame to see all these .1 and .2 cat races with the stars go without coverage. Even Poland seems to be without commentary (cue Kirby flame..)

  • The Tour de L'Ain is on the next 3 days, then there's Milan-San Remo on Saturday and Poland every day, plenty to try and keep track of.

  • Groenewegen has 'apologised':­2454

    I say 'apologised' because it's a bit of a non-apology, isn't it?

  • It sounds like a full and sincere apology to me. Given it is translated from the Dutch on his instagram it is hard to judge it. I would think Groenewegen is absolutely distraught. What he did was wrong, but hardly unprecedented. Usually it doesn't end in injuries like that. I'm not sure piling on Groenewegen helps much more at this stage.

  • I didn't realise that was translated or from his Instagram because the BBC article said neither!

    (Which is a bit shoddy)

    Based on the English quotes you would think it was a non-apology, I'm not 'piling on'.

  • From a Dutch speaker in the Cycling News comments:

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  • Even google translate was clear there wasn’t an apology. His insurers would be involved by now

  • Fake apology bollocks at it’s finest. Say you’re sorry they’re hurt without expressing contrition for your part in it.

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Pro-cycling thread

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