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  • I’d prefer them to just put all the old races up on their on demand service. Then can stick to the calendar, but watch the classics through the years. I suppose there is always

  • They refunded me

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  • Nice one. I emailed and they refunded me too.

  • They must have changed their protocol. Last year when it auto renewed, at twice the new offer sale price, I emailed and asked for a refund. Had to fight tooth an nail for it.

  • Yeah it was surprising to say the least.
    I had just told them in another email how annoyed I was that they auto renewed as I wanted to change back to Danish Eurosport for non Kirby commentary and they said that I could change geo next year.
    But then your post gave me confidence to get my money back and they did that without arguing. So a bit weird they didn't just offer to cancel my UK sub and change to Danish

  • Since we all have a bit of time on our hands, here's a chance to enjoy the 1989 Tour again.­gdc

  • I just got an email that they have autoextended my yearly subscription for a month, so for now it seems that they plan to compensate the time without racing in this way.

  • Sporza is replaying Milano-Sanremo 2011 on Sunday

  • Lefevre: “Organizer ASO can take a beating, the teams can't. If there is no Tour de France, the whole model of cycling can collapse. ”
    They had better be ready; by July what are the chances? Riding up mountains with fans running 6 inches away from their faces, screaming and shouting? Even if they, somehow, get fans to stay back, in a few months it's all going to be ok for large crowds and whole road systems and towns to be closed for days? It's not going to happen. I would put money on the Vuelta not going ahead too.

  • Eurosport is replaying Milano-Sanremo 2018 today at 15:00 CET (with NL commentary, online, dunno if UK Eurosport is joining)­ZrpoxN?fbclid=IwAR2Da5ZDR7zX0lKW6G_wsPh_­OHoo8nb0cj4ktxTRb2w_kwWF8MXyASzO5Go

  • On YouTube

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  • Is Mads Pedersen going to be famous for being the world champ that wore the jersey for the fewest ever race days?

  • Tom Simpson had (i think) 25 race days in WC jersey. Mads has 16 this season, +3 last (all DNF though)
    Could be close

  • I’d be surprised if the World Champs take place at this rate.

  • It'd be interesting to see if they would give mads a second year then or just have no WC for a while.

  • this could be fun, you know, when we can start having fun again:

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  • That's not a bad idea.

    Wonder if you could combine the best bits of Roubaix and Flanders for a super-classic

  • LOL

    I don't think he's given it much actual thought!

  • I think it's a great idea. Start in Rome, head to the Alps, across Southern France to the Pyrenees and then down to the Costa del Sol.

    7 stages in each country and minimise transfers. Doing it that way would also give the best chance of good weather given that it would have to be late season.

  • Tour de Trentin, at least it's something to hope for.

  • It would be lovely if that idea happens.

  • It’s the sort of idea that an eight year old comes up with. You pat them on the head and erase it from your mind.

  • Just realised that the postponement of the Olympics means we get another spring of GVA on his horrific gold Giant.

  • I think the helmet is worse tbh

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Pro-cycling thread

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