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  • Stook it out on the finish line for 5 hours in pissing rain . Ben swift was our best placed and cracked with 5 k to go . A total day of attrition riders after riders wasting and packing . My last sighting of a pro was allaphilip who was top ten a towel round his neck looking for his team bus . Quite an epic day

  • We bailed half way through. Just back into London, watched the finish on my phone on the train. The women’s race was far more enjoyable. In fact I got sunburnt!

  • That sounds like we have had almost identical experiences today. I also saw Sagan look like he was about to nut an old guy who wouldn’t let him pass without taking his photo

  • Take you word, I dont.

    What a winner though, really nice to see a good young guy win and not one everyone is shouting about.

  • I didn't watch that, but I like the result. Good to see younger riders mixing it up. And Tao must have been on an amazing ride. Chapeau.

  • I have often felt for the British team and riders the World Champs are a low priority. It's good to see Tao fighting to the end. Was it 2012 when all the British riders climbed off before it was half done?

  • I did think that seeing Kieth lambert this morning . How many of your young recruits are you expecting to finish .

  • Tao turns up to race. :)

  • 2013 in Florence.

  • Marcel Bottom left in picture leeds station.

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  • See this annoys me. We went all in 2011 because they thought Cav was guaranteed. Other than that the British team goes into most world's without a plan and without focus. And if they don't perform there is a collective shrug. The Rainbow Stripes should be as treasured as an Olympic gold. World Champs in the UK? G could have made it a target surely.

  • So our best finisher is a young turk. Salute to Tao for honouring the Rainbow Stripes

  • Most of the top British riders - Froome, Thomas, the Yates twins - have bigger fish to fry though. I think Thomas was aiming to go for the TT, but he's struggled to get back to form after the Tour, presumably because he's used up most of his physical and mental energy overcoming injuries to get to the Tour.

    I agree with you to an extent, you'd think the GB team would have a plan for each Worlds, agreed in advance as they did with Cavendish. Instead they seem to see who can be bothered and then make up half a plan the night before the race.

  • Considering British roads and terrain, you’d think we would produce at least a couple of similar classic riders to the Dutch and Belgians.

    There doesn’t seem to be many Brits consistently training and focusing on the one day events. The British Cycling/Ineos model doesn’t seem to work for one day events, even though riders with the right characteristics are surely there.

  • Its all about success and money right?
    So track.
    Then one day

    Soon come

  • But to have good one day riders you'd need a good one day scene here to develop them or to get them out to places that do.
    Is that in place?

    I dunno as I'm just a blow in glory hunting what's on telly now racing fan.

  • British Cycling in general is mostly focused on the Olympics and the Tour de France, these are planned for in a razor sharp style because they get the funding and the sponsors. I mean it is a home World Champs, couldn't one of our best riders make it real target rather than an afterthought?

    Huge salute to Tao he really flew the flag while more storied riders climbed off. That was an incredible ride chapeau.

  • Ineos is only interested in the TdF and British Cycling is all about the Olympics. Ineos winning outside of the TdF is as much about the sheer quality of their roster as much as a plan. (Outside of the stage races they use to build for the Tour).

    And it could have worked. 2014/2015 looked like the start of something, but G turned to stage racing and Stannard was compromised to make the Tour team every year. My theory anyways

  • You're right. UK Cycling funding is determined solely by Olympic medals, so it's hardly surprising they concentrate on that, hence the focus on track. Sky and Ineos are both interested in media coverage which means the TdF, because it's the only cycling race most non-cyclists have heard of.

    Therefore the UK does well in the Olympics and the TdF, not so well elsewhere (except the Giro and Vuelta very recently).

  • Pidcock will win a big one day race.

    Stannard has two Omloops and Thomas has an E3.

  • I know an E3 is an old BMW, what’s an Omloop? Some kind of classic sports car?

  • Something to do with cardiovascular systems.

  • James knox to win in flanders in two years time . Gilbert will be retired by then .

  • No wonder they were popping left right and centre

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  • How watts of drag did MvDP's gilet flapping in the wind have cost him?

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Pro-cycling thread

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