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  • Agreed. I appreciate there is a timetable but rider safety should be paramount and those conditions were dangerous.

  • Crikey, that looks way too dangerous for TT’ing in.

    Anyone going to watch the racing at the weekend? I’m toying with watching the race at Otley in the morning for convenience but it being not long after the neutralised zone, or making the trek up to buttertubs before going back to Harrogate to watch the laps.

  • Fuuuu! When he got close to the curb I clenched

  • Yeah heading up to camp with @Lukas and others, will be on Buttertubs I think. I'll be on a red dolan

  • Today was the day I resigned myself to not sitting through the rest of the vuelta (got to stage 17) and read reports for the rest of the race. Instant regret, sounds like it continued to be as eventful.

  • Cool, thanks. I'd love to make it a ride but I'm recovering from a broken rib so if I make it that far up it'll be a drive/dump the car/ride job and then a dash back to Harrogate.

  • Well, say hi if you see us!

  • Terrifying to see the rain-soaked conditions the riders have to go fast in. Surely if this isn't cancelled, it'll just have to mean much slower times to go very carefully around those deep puddles?

  • Chloe Dygert, wow! Crushing the competition... not a chance for Van Vleuten or Van der Breggen. Chapeau.

  • No matter how many times I watch that clip, I still can't figure out why he headed towards the obviously deep water. Surely the drier side of road would have been faster no matter how shallow it was?
    Also on the Valter crash, was he getting into a tuck on the toptube or was that a blowout or?

  • In the post race interview he said he was checking his Garmin and saw the water a bit too late. He was afraid he would crash on the wet and slippery asphalt if he tried a last second manoeuvre to the left so he hoped the puddle wouldn't be that bad.

    And Valter rode into a pothole he couldn't see. During the recon he rode on the other side of the road because of traffic. But the pothole was obscured by the water.

  • Learning the hard way what every cyclist in this country knows.

  • checking his Garmin

    Ah, that old euphemism for riding head down. Even the pros use it.

  • Fair play to the organisers for getting puddle marshalls for the start of the Women's TT

  • Bradley Wiggins on his podcast sounding like the cod philosophical drunk bloke propping up the bar at every terrible party ever

  • Mens u23 race shortened or it would finish in the dark ! Wtf uci idiots

  • The local organising committee have to take a lot of the blame. They are the ones who propose a timetable for the races that the UCI approves. Why did anyone think it’s a good idea to have the race finishing that late in the first place?

  • Planet X missed a trick, could have kitted the peleton out with jobsworth lights.

  • Politt kickstarting his e-tap

  • Pity there was no audio with it ha

  • Fucking SRAM!!!

  • Anyone have any idea why Tony Martin is wearing what looks like clear lens oakleys under his clear tt visor?

  • I wonder what UCI will do about Evenepoel pulling up his socks, what a rebel :D

  • Prescription cycling glasses?

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Pro-cycling thread

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