Pro-cycling thread

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  • Kittel's retirement is a tremendous loss for the sport.

    Mmm agreed.

  • New AF Aviation First team bus livery reminds me of something...

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  • Presumably being flown by 'Tex' Johnson (the Boeing test pilot who barrel rolled the 707 prototype without permission for the lols).

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  • aka The Facilitator which is available via Ann Summers

  • Team Wiggins to cease at the end of the year.

    Which is a real shame, as it was well on the way to becoming one of the best options for developing u23 riders.

  • Why is the start of the TTT on a huge pile of coke?

  • What's the stuff up your nose during the warm up about??

  • Those sunweb socks were very long

  • Just said to Simon I was cheering on Jumbo. #cursed

  • Who was whingeing about Lopez being called Su-PEAR-man the other day? It's going to be wall to wall Su-PEAR-man now.

  • The crashes were caused by a broken garden hose

  • hose pipe

  • Lucky there were no spectators injured. Far too fast round that corner!

  • "I would've made it if it weren't for those pesky kids!"

  • Viviani the Younger?

  • Fish shop cleaning up apparently, when they hose it down before they shut.

  • I read it was a faulty paddling pool.


  • Do you think one day Sean Kelly's going to snap and violently beat Carlton with the nearest blunt object?

    I don't care if it's a fucking animal pen and actually I like sour goats milk you massive massive twat

  • It might not be a well but I'm still going to throw you in it when I've finished with you

  • Whilst the news comes as no surprise, I think Kittel's retirement is a tremendous loss for the sport.

    I agree completely. He was a cross-over star--someone who was popular with cycling and non-cycling audiences alike. I suppose keeping up with road pro standards became harder for him sooner than for more slightly-built riders. I'm sure it's a sensible decision, but I'll miss him, too.

  • Over 150 wins, multiple stages in all the GTs over a ten year period at a time when two of the other greatest sprinters were active? I’d argue he is.

    Some people initially dismissed him as a bit of a flat-track bully. :)

    He certainly came into his own. I think he would have won more initially at T-Mobile if Cavendish hadn't been first in the pecking order there. They had a good old rivalry even then.

  • So what's the deal with Tao coming in nine minutes down today? I thought he was supposed to be the 'protected rider' for Ineos--are they going for stage wins so that he needs to be behind for the race to let him go in breakaways? Or was there a crash, or was he simply not that good?

  • Both he and Wout came in late, not seen anywhere why.

  • Ineos riders were at the back of the peloton all day, something was not right. Not a word from the commentary that I saw

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Pro-cycling thread

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