Pro-cycling thread

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  • As much as I dislike diry dave and his joyless trains winning the tour year in year out, I'm pleased if one of the robots had to win it was bernal and in the style he has done so. He is only 22!

    The continued success of South Americans is only likely to breed more success, and she widen the appeal of the sport.

  • That she do. That she do.

  • Nice and sunny 20k from the summit. No rain for at least the last 2 hours. Everyone in good spirits.

    Anyone got a link to watch Eurosport (there’s one a few pages back but I can’t be bothered to find it on my phone)

  • That polka dot jersey table looks spicey

  • Yep Alaphillipe's success has been in spite of Quickstep rather than because of them. But with a strong team around him clearly he's capable of winning over three weeks with a tweak or two

  • Aaaw a little secret handshake Alaphillipe and Bernal. What a guy. Totes emosh Tour or whatever the kids were saying a few years ago.

  • I think after so publicly shitting the bed this tour he's lucky not to be riding a Foffa!

  • Can I get audio commentary anywhere? My signal won't stretch to video

  • LIKE.

    I got the rugby on the TV, the TdF on the laptop, plus Twitter and this thread on constant refresh. And I'm eating an ice lolly, which is a huge armchair sport power move.

  • Cummings is in the break, repeat, he is in the break

  • 2'30" at the foot with 30km+ climbing aint gonna wash really, is it?

  • How long will it take for everyone to complain about Bernal holding onto the car?

  • On a 60k stage

    [Edit] this about Cummings finally doing something in the race

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  • Love alaphillipe but the cunt gurns like he has taken a handful of disco biscuits

  • Can we finally stop talking about Richie Porte being a GT contender?

  • pouf

  • Craaaaaaakkkkkkkk

  • Pafff

  • Bardet dribbling like he’s had some bad scag

  • What happened to him? I know he had a bad day or two but he’s been anonymous even outside that

  • Bardet's not keeping that jersey either is he?

  • Nibbles pulling away

  • Reminds me of Voekler

  • New pairing at the Six Day series this autumn.

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Pro-cycling thread

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