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  • I'm backing Kasper Asgreen for the win at PR

  • Don’t ever watch a ‘cross race.

  • It's really not comparable.

    Crashes now are being presented as an entertaining part of watching live cycling (with no regards for what it means to those involved).

  • Slightly tongue in cheek. I know that doesn’t come across well on the internet.

    I don’t think a wet Roubaix necessarily ups the chances of people getting hurt. There have been some bad crashes in recent (dry) years. I’d like a wet Roubaix because it’ll give the better bike handlers an edge. No different to watching fast descents in the Tour.

    I don’t think crashes are being presented as entertainment live on TV but would agree there are some ghouls on twitter who take glee in reposting them.

  • I know that mud will favour a certain sort of riders, and it could mean as a result a better race to watch.
    To illustrate my point though , I did a quick search on youtube. On this ITV montage

    for exemple, they show 8 crashes in the first 60 seconds...

  • Pretty dry and dusty out here and we think sagan has been sand bagging it until sunday.

  • Sagan is my pick. The way he rode last year made cobbles look easy. He seems to save so much energy compared to others.

    I’ve already backed Nils Politt each way but I’d be very surprised if he’s in the mix.

  • Well I guess as I said I'm probably over-sensitive about it after my own crash, but treacherous conditions have lost their shine as added interest in racing for me. Before I thought that exceptionally windy edition of Gent-Wevelgem was incredible; now I see it as a bunch of people out on a day who wished they called in sick.

    Which isn't to say I don't love some rain or a nasty cross wind for some eschelons, but the appeal of amped up risk is gone. It would be like enjoying the descent in the Olympic Rio road race, just awful with that trench alongside the road.

  • I'm going to be watching from the US. Am I going to need vpn or some other location spoofing to enjoy my Eurosport sub?

    As I'll be in the US, I'll be supporting phinney all the way

  • If it was any race other than Roubaix, maybe not but I would be surprised if this wasn't one of the races covered live on some station in the US.

    Just have the credit card on hand for when it starts and you're stuck watching handball or what have you

  • I’ve always struggled to trick Eurosport via VPN when abroad. It works sometimes through the browser version but never through the desktop player.

  • Ta both. I won't be able to catch it live either way so will definitely be looking for a eurosport workaround. Googling for streams etc will be a spoiler-filled shitshow. Wish me luck.

  • should have the race later in the evening; if you are in the US should suit you well.

  • Rode it today and its rock hard dry everywhere . Don't be fooled by sections sanitised, they have just scrubbed the slime off arenburge its just the same. Bloody freezing as well i mean 0 degrees and frosty.

  • Just tried the university vpn and it hasn't worked. Fingers crossed for tiz-cycling

  • Wow Direct Energie have gone from having one of the smartest kits to one of the dullest

  • I do so love the traditional 'helicopter scares horses' shot so beloved of cycling coverage.

  • Brilliant ad break Eurosport just as it kicked off and we missed it all

  • Carlos Betancur won the Klasika Primavera

  • Just idly wondering about Trentin's chances and he promptly punctures

  • Shout out to the guy holding up a kid's bike wheel in the feed zone

  • CCC looking a little mob handed at the front

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Pro-cycling thread

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