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  • Beyond just his evident physical ability, pretty much every race I've seen him in, he's been exciting to watch.
    Maybe thats in part because of the excitement of watching a growing talent, but watching him at the tour made the Sky Mountain Train seem less dull.

  • Bernal
    Van Der Poel

    The tours are going to get good in the next few years!

  • Bernal also has an eye for the right move at the right time it seems, so that combined with being a hard man and a super climber, Tommy Dumoulin (and Yates et al) will have to be outstanding to win the Giro.

    I don't expect MVDP to mix it in the Grand Tours anytime soon, at least not until 20121. Besides, he's a bit too bulky still I think to be a GC contender. And he might even choose to just keep combining cross, road and MTB. But who knows...

    Keep an eye out for coverage of Nokere Koerse (March 20) which will be VDP's 1st 'real' road race of the season and the 1st time him and Evenepoel will meet in the peloton.

  • We regret to inform you Brad has gone Full Peaky Blinder

  • Or is it dave b

  • He'll be hopping the barriers at froome's next race and swinging for him.

  • Cavendish has bounced back before after people have prematurely written him off but coming nowhere on two stages and then abandoning does suggest he’s really struggling.

  • Epstein-Barr is something that takes time to come back from and some riders, like Beñat Intxausti, never come back from it.

    At Cavendish’s age, it’s harder to get back to your top level, so it is possible he’s done. But last year he had lots of crashes too, so I think it might be too early to definitively write him off.

    It’s not looking good though. ☹️

  • The Bora crash in Tirreno is just horrible. Hope no-one is seriously injured.

  • Seems they are fine thankfully. Some daft imbecile decided to cross the road.

  • The two coppers chatting to someone with their backs to the road need to share a lot of the blame.

  • Looked like the copper with the yellow hat tried quite hard to stop the pedestrian, he almost got run over himself.

  • A little late - looks like the coppers were responsible for that intersection. It wasnt as if the guy went across the road at a section of road that wasnt a crosswalk / intersection.

    In other news, has been enjoyable to watch Bernal / Rowe / Kwia being offensive and making things exciting in Paris - Nice

  • Here's very sad news of a rider's death:­old-dies-in-redlands-training-crash-whil­e-previewing-tt-course/

    A U-turning vehicle. It doesn't say if it was connected with the race in any way (it doesn't seem as if it was from what information there is).

    He was only 19.

  • But his mind was old.


  • What's with both PN and TA being nearly all flat. Yawn.

  • Summit finish on the Turini on Saturday, that’s not flat.

  • The TA route always used to be like this, it’s only in recent years they’ve added big climbs.

  • So perhaps my expectations are warped, I just remember TA being hilly nearly every day.

  • Bouhanni doesn’t appear to be in a great place.

    Not sure if he’s been mismanaged at Cofidis or he’s got problems in his head.­-eliminated-from-tirreno-adriatico-after­-losing-contact-in-team-time-trial/

  • The graphics on those AG2R Merckx* bikes look well shit.

    edit - *Ridley bikes:­-28/

  • Impressive TT by Yates. The Giro is going to be fun watching i hope.

  • What's with all the peds trying to take our riders in TA? Is it some kind of London memorial TTT?

  • Sagan's whip at Vivianis swannie :D

  • Mental finish!

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Pro-cycling thread

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