Acliff’s all element stable - Carbon, Titanium, Aluminium, Steel

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  • Understood all that, i’ll just blame it on my #epicwatts to feel better.

    I recently bought a carbon fibre repair kit to try and repair if it is completely fucked.

  • It looks fine, would ride. Chainstays are beefy, I wouldn't worry. You can do just as much damage with a dropped chain

  • I think it was actually the dropped chain that I raked over the chainstay when the frame jumped the trainer.

    Going to take it to local bike shop for their opinion when I get a chance.

  • So bought a cheap supersix evo frame, hill climb/turbo use.
    Obviously too good for the turbo, but dual purpose (that’s my excuse)

  • Definitely too good for the turbo...

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  • Barhatch lane on 48x18....
    Why do I hate myself....

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    • 28BBF23D-DEF6-427A-9108-430E716EDE68.jpeg
  • Building up the Supersix slowly:

    SRAM red 10x1, 11-28 on the back, 44t spidering on the front.

    Should be 6kg with pedals and bar tape, no major weight weenie changes probably until summer (tubulars, carbon saddle, lighter brakes)

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  • 2019 goals:

    Standardise the handlebars and widths to narrower and more aero.

    Thinking about Superzero alloy bars in 40 (38 centre to centre).
    Are the new 2019 bars external routing? Haven't found anywhere on the internet what the bar routing look like.

  • I think you are being very kind about my power output!

    Are there any charts which also include wider length bars?

    I think the narrowest aero bars are the Enve Aero bars, but no one has enough money for that.
    Zipps sl70s are 36.5 at the hoods, and another option is the Ergonovas which go narrower to 36 at the hoods.

    Superzero alloy is the cheapest at £50 though.

  • Further plans:

    Downsize, ahead of possibly moving house...

    Cannondale Supersix is a bit redundant
    Montague Boston folding fixie is not being used, as using the Langster Pro instead
    Felt CR1 Team contessa (wife's old bike) has been replaced so needs to go as well
    Making a decision on the Ritchey TI breakaway cross (tempted to keep it if only because of rarity)

    Any interest in these let me know.

    Jazz up the bikes I'll be keeping and clear out the parts bin...

    Replace Venge aerofly bars with Superzero bars and use bar end junction box (on order)
    Replace Allez sprint bars with Superzero bars
    Replace stem on Langster pro to something ridiculous, like a 135mm Pro Sprint stem

  • Any groupsets in that parts bin?

  • Sram red 10 speed, Duraace 9000, Duraace 7800, Ultegra 6600...
    And a variety of cranks of all types and sizes.

    Will probably do a monster sales thread at some point.

  • Save any SRAM 165mm cranks for me please!

  • Got 2 sets of Superzero bars in 40cm, feels good, but appears to be the newer version without easy cable routing (just the 2 holes on the bottom of each of the drops, no additional holes elsewhere)

    Surely they can't sell bars with the description of internal routing like that?

  • On the Allez Sprint with Etap, not really a problem, but groove for gear/brake cables runs under the aero section, which would hang down if the bars weren't taped all the way across.

    Not sure how you can keep the brake cable tight against the bar if you leave the tops untaped as intended?!

  • So if there are no holes near the stem clamping area, what's the purpose of the holes by the drops?

  • Not so sure... the bar end shifter cable goes out of the hole and wired externally?

    On the other hand, Etap worked out pretty easy...

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  • New stem day....
    Would prefer a more negative stem, but should work well should I find some Alpina track bars for a reasonable price.

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  • Superzero Carbon bars for easier di2 cable routing on the Venge.
    Definitely enough routing space, unlikely to need a pick or any special tools...

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    • 904F65E5-6415-4E3B-9188-437E6510051B.jpeg
  • Added SRAM S900 levers, with a Jtek double control brake splitter to control the front brake with both levers.
    Short headtube problems - the cable run is not optimal, but have just about manage to avoid tight turns by basically doing a loop.

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  • have you still got the Ritchey?

  • I do still have the Ritchey, not sure why I haven’t used it much, it’s currently not fully built up (needs cables and bar tape)

  • Some bits for the Langster Pro:

    Da7710 cranks - bit ratty with stages arm and spare 52t chainring

    alpina Carbon 33cm bar and pro vibe sprint 135mm

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Acliff’s all element stable - Carbon, Titanium, Aluminium, Steel

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