Acliff’s all element stable - Carbon, Titanium, Aluminium, Steel

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  • So after lusting after some cannondales for a lighter bike than my Argos bike, and many hours spent reading through caad 10 threads, I've won my very own CAAD 10 2012 frameset 48cm in duraace anodised black. Due to size and finish, the frame weighs around 1kg.

    Was deciding whether to put 105 5800, or ultegra 6800, or SRAM 10 speed force/red on it, but as luck would have it, someone on the forum was selling all the duraace 7900 from a stripped caad10, which has worked out perfectly.

    bits being used
    Ritchey WCS logic II 38cm
    Cannondale c2 seatpost
    Cannondale c3 10cm stem (will need longer I think)
    Duraace 7900 shifters, FD, RD
    Ultegra 6700 brakes
    FSA slk light carbon compact bb30 crankset
    Ultegra 11-28
    Zipp team csc Alu wheels
    Gatorskins 23 (to be replaced by gp4000 when they wear out)
    Planet X lightweight inner tubes
    40g pair TI skewers
    Lifeline ti cage

    Things to decide/buy
    Arione cx
    Look pedals of some description
    Handlebar tape and colour?
    Colour of cables (I have a new set of jagwire in dark metallic grey, but not sure of colours yet)

    The aim is to keep this bike light (-7kg), but not exotically light.
    Should I go for red or silver accents or keep it as ninja as possible?

  • Ninja all the way!

  • 7900 brakes going cheap here:­c.php?f=40091&t=12987153

    I've used both 6700 and 7900 and I can say they are most definatly worth the upgrade.

    These cables are as good as jagwire:­ance-brake-and-gear-cable-set/

    This bartape is about as good and similar as lizardskin DSP:­ional-bar-tape/

    Also, is that a 48/50/52?

  • 48 at a guess, looks about the same size as my SuperSix.

    Looks like a good build! 7kg should be easily achievable.

  • It is a 48cm.

    Thanks for the heads up Amey, I've been thinking about getting the duraace brakes anyway, heard good things. Might also give the bartape a go.

  • Re-cabled a murdered out one today. 6800 gruppo on it. Lovely build. They look amazing in all black.

  • I was watching this on eBay, if it's the same one? Nice win a lot of people were watching

  • I bought this on eBay about a month ago, but been on holiday for 3 weeks, so it had been waiting at the office until this week.

    6800 would look lovely, but all my current bikes and wheels are 10 speed, so it made sense to keep this bike 10 speed too.

    Thanks @amey for facilitating a late night impulse buy... 7900 brake set on the way!

  • There's a stunning 50cm caad with 6800 and Cannondale spider cranks on eBay currently, I expect that will go for much cash!­w&alt=web&id=191342354108

  • 40g pair TI skewers

    Would replace with a good ol' Shimano QR.

  • I have these zipp TI skewers if you prefer them? About 40g heavier than the above skewers.

  • Not much cash I hope ;)

    DO NOT bother with light QR especially cheap and light. If you want light get Tune if not just bare 50g more weight and get something solid/shimano. Ask dammit about BB30 and light QR combo he has a good story.

    I bent a light and cheap (PZ racing) QR in one ride. The rear wheel came out. I dont even produce enough watts.

    Oh and good call on 7900 brakes; I am sure you will like them. I went 9010 on my other bike.

  • I got the 7900 brakes from that ad you linked. Can't go wrong with more braking power, got scared shitless at ridelondon, though that might have as much to do with the gatorskins as the ultegra 6600 I was using.

  • Could you link that deal again, just takes me to the front page of the site.

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  • Holy shit, that's a beaut.

    Yours is sounding awesome, I'm following with bated breath!

  • Got some dura ace 9000 cables if you're interested? all black, pm me for details

  • With some bits on:

  • With more bits on and steerer chopped down:

  • New bits received -
    Black FSA 50/34 chainrings
    Bontrager XXX bottle cages x 2
    Pro PLT 90mm -10 degree stem
    Zipp Ti Skewers
    Speedplay Ti or Keo 2 max
    Ritchey Evo Carbon bars (Thanks @Dick for the above)
    Lizardskin DSP 2.5mm black

    So it looks like it will be black with a splash of white.

    Any ideas on a lighter than 220g seatpost? (that doesn't cost the earth)

  • Some progress:

  • Looks ace mate!

  • Thanks @Sensom. How are you getting on with yours?

    Just pedals, cables and tape left to do now.

    I have a lower profile headset cover 8mm and micro spacers to drop the front end, currently it's 25mm. Just a little bit concerned about the lack of rubber seal if I change. Might leave it the way it is until I get a proper bike fit.

    I have a cut down specialized pave carbon seatpost that could go on this, anyone have any thoughts on them?

  • Almost done! At the LBS for final touches as I have been too busy at work to do the cabling and adjustments myself. Apparently it should be around the 6.8kg mark, which is good news.

    Pickup on Monday!

  • 6.8kg without pedals, which is where I wanted it! Added a Duraace cassette to save 50g, can probably cut 50g off the seatpost (short legs don't need much) and maybe drop 50g per wheel on lighter tyres and tubes (currently have folding gatorskins)

    Now to go ride it!

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Acliff’s all element stable - Carbon, Titanium, Aluminium, Steel

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