What do you take to the track?

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  • Hi.
    Ben from Object bags here.
    Object bags is a brand new UK based bag making company aimed at cyclists and outdoor pursuits.

    We are currently designing a range of track cycling products and are looking to see what items people take to the track both for themselves and for their bikes.

    Thanks in advance.


  • Rollers, spare wheels, cogs, chain rings, chain whip, lock ring tool, spanners and hex keys, track pump etc.

  • Helmet, warm up clothing, rollers, track pump, spare wheels, rear disc wheel, pursuit bars, six bottles, mitts, shoes, chainrings, sprockets, chain whip, folding chair, parasol, yoga mat, allen kets, chain, chain lube, coach, masseur, mum,

  • Beer and grass

  • Thanks all for the responses...

    @salmonchild - Me too although not if I want to post any meaningful times!

    @roboto & @adroit - Thats a fair amount of stuff. Do you carry the wheels and rollers in a separate bag to the other items?
    Do you ride to the track?

    Thanks again.

  • A lot of trackies transport their equipment to the track by car. I don't own a car in London so always ride to the track. I don't take rollers though, but a lot of people do.

    I have my trusty T-Level Challenger backpack and I strap my wheel bag onto that and all the other bits fill up the bag. I find it a good warm up before I get to the track.

  • Also, you can't go wrong with an EAI Keirin Tote


  • I am going through the motions of gaining accreditation at the mo and I bring the bare minimum and it fills up my Chrome backpack, shorts,top, mits, cleats, helmet, apples, bananna, water and cheese sandwhich. I travel by tube to the venue.

  • My bag contains: wallet for bc licence / accreditation card, race number, cleat covers, 15mm wrench, puncture stuff, multi-tool, arm-warmers, scrunch-up raincoat, lights, snacks, bug spray.

    I can never be bothered to change gears so I don't usually carry chainrings or cogs, although if my bike lived at the track I might do more often.
    Sometimes people carry a spare cockpit for pursuits, etc.

  • Tools etc (kept in a Dolan track bag like the above eai one):
    Chainrings, cogs, chain whip/lockring tool, 15mm wrench, Allen keys, mechanics gloves, Pitt stop, chainring bolt tool.

    Race jersey (or skinsuit), race number, pins, gloves, long sleeved jersey, rain jacket, trainers (if i'm there for an all day thing), knee warmers, clear covers. BUG SPRAY (essential for Herne hill).

    Plus a bunch of food and water etc.

    I normally keep food and clothes in separate musette bags, then stick it all in my mission bag with the tools bag. Compartmentalisation is important - I'm not always thinking clearly between races and I just want to find things quickly.

    My race wheels live at the track with my bike and I will just ride over with my rollers in my hand. If I were to go race anywhere else I would need a car and I would probably just chuck everything in holdall thing.

  • Race clothes (lots if away for a race weekend), civvy clothes (same), towel, cycling shoes, helmet, gloves, trainers, glasses (racing and civvy), wash bag, several water bottles, protein shaker, EAI tote bag with tools, chainrings & sprockets etc, food, wallet, keys, phone, pen, notebook, laptop (for donkey porn if away), salami, beers, plus various other bits of miscellaneous crap.

    Then the large stuff like track pump, rollers and wheels.

    I've been struggling to find the perfect track bag for years. I drive to the track most of the time so have a huge cheap puma wheeled kit bag, which is perfect when lugging stuff from the car park to track centre, unfortunately there aren't many compartments so it's a bit of a ball ache hunting around for stuff (phone & keys usually) in there quickly.

    If also have a trolley that I sometimes bungee bag, rollers, pump and wheels to but it's a bit of a faf so I don't bother most of the time.

    The bag is finally on it's way out after four years of solid abuse so I've just ordered one of these:

    I like that it's well compartmentalised, pretty big and has wheels and a changing mat but it's still not perfect.

    Ideally for track it would have a built in tool section like the keirin tote bag and clips/hooks/webbing on the outside for attaching track pump, rollers, wheels and other assorted crap that always make the journey from car park to track centre a painful juggling act.

    For non race days when I don't need to lug a whole load of crap with me or when I'm riding my road bike to track league I would also like to find a large courier bag with built in tool/chainrings/sprockets section and space for kit/water/food etc.

  • You forgot your deckchair, Dan.

  • Ah yeah, folding chairs x 2!

  • I also don't drive, so once I have my own bike I'll be taking most of what's been mentioned above - riding to HH with a set of wheels on my back and train to LVV with the bike in bits to go via the underground. I rarely travel light.

  • Thanks for the responses.

    We're thinking of having a removable tool section to the bag that have space for all the tools mentioned above and the main bag will have separate space for shoes / smelly socks etc.

    @Tricky_Business sounds like if you don't get on with the Endura you might want something custom made?

    Thanks again to all for the responses. It really helps.

    We're based in Cardiff so will be trotting along to Newport velodrome for further research.

  • @Tricky_Business sounds like if you don't get on with the Endura you might want something custom made?

    Possibly, wallet and wife permitting ;)

    I'm off to the nationals at the weekend, I'll take a picture of all the crap I take with me and you can laugh at my failed attempt to get it all into the track centre in one go.

  • Chrome Bags made something called "The Sherman" which was supposed to be designed for track riders and got very good reviews. But not sure whether it was ever sold in the UK or even if it's still made. I just use a big Timbuk2 holdall and the Keirin tote for tools, etc.


  • I have a big problem with my pastry selection getting a bit bashed up on the way to the track, would be good to have some kind of reinforced section to keep my pain au raisins immaculate.

  • Built in coffee grinder and dedicated aeropress storage would also be nice.

  • I have a big problem with my pastry selection getting a bit bashed up on the way to the track, would be good to have some kind of reinforced section to keep my pain au raisins immaculate.


  • We can chuck a few of these in? http://www.bananaguard.com/products

  • ^ feeling a little self conscious in Lycra?

  • @andyp I'm not nearly good enough at sprinting to start looking for marginal gains like that yet ;)

  • Awkward loud giggle at work moment.
    Hour made!

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What do you take to the track?

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