Urban environment issues in the media

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  • Public transport holds key for clean cities, says study

    (Article also mentions walking and cycling)

  • Illustration showing how we divvy up our urban space from a walkers perspective

  • Does that reflect Swedish legislation which prohibits crossing except at designated crossing points? I'm afraid I don't know what the law is there. I couldn't see any other reason for drawing it in such an extreme way. Luckily, of course, it's not a problem which exists in the UK, although while not de iure, de facto traffic conditions may, of course, have a similar effect. I don't find drawings like this very helpful, as the 'chasm' idea certainly contributes to dangerisation.

    Interesting to see the Philly snow pictures. Many of these junctions would have been made so wide in the past to allow horse-drawn carriages to turn around, much like many junctions in London. (I've heard it said that Philadelphia is the American city most like London.) There is certainly ample space now to increase provision of public space. All power to the elbows of those who are trying to make it happen. It has to be said, though, that some of the snow pictures are deceptive, as for instance they 'draw' traffic islands where you would want to create continuous kerb build-outs without traffic lanes between them. Just because drivers currently drive close to the kerb doesn't mean that this shows you where carriageway space should be taken, e.g. in this case:

  • Even so Oliver, from observations of how some people use the roads and choose where to cross, the image is how some people do perceive their right to access road space. As we de-prioritised motors by design, this mental picture will adjust

  • There's a petition on bringing a minimum passing distance to the UK road laws that some people may be interested in.

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Urban environment issues in the media

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