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  • u bin scobled

  • I miss that thread.

  • answer to what?


    do you think stiffness and padding are at all related

  • Oddly enough, I did not find the Hell as comfortable as the Composit despite sharing almost identical shape.

    Stiffer = moar comfort.

    @TheFinalHour perhaps quoting my entire post will put it in context of what saddle I was talking about.

    Hell = lots of padding.

    Composit = no padding whatsoever, hence stiffer.

    Now that you decided to bring up the carbon one, they're hella stiff with zero flex whatsoever, not uncomfortable, but not one you'd want to ride without bibs.

  • Since going full-retard and putting SMPs on everything I only ever get uncomfortable with rubbish bib-shorts with overly stretchy lycra.

    That's I find, one of the drawback once you found something that work great, it raise new issues on another part of the bicycle that you never noticed before.

  • I received a Dynamic from Lordgun today, arrived in less than a week from ordering (Italy to Finland by FedEx). Paypal costs extra, I just used a credit card.

  • My composit is from lordgun. 5/5 would shop again. Actually gonna buy a dynamic or hell from them as soon as the next paycheck comes.

  • Lordgun must have been wondering why they have a sudden rise of people buying the SMP.

  • If anyone wants the pimpest of pimp SMP's Bjorn is selling this matching SMP Composit and tape, both the product of Busyman customs:

  • $550.

  • Mm, would want a black one for my Oak.

  • Thanks for the advertisement Neil but its actually the smp evolution towards the window in that pic that is for sale. The composite is now on a bike. A better pic of the evolution below.

    I doubted there would be interest or id post it here myself. But if anyone is interested, send me a pm. The attention to detail on these saddles are in a class of its own in comparison to other reconditioned saddles. Atleast the ones I've seen.

  • Well, looks like a couple of hundred K on an SMP has been decisive - I will now SMP ALL OF THE THINGS.

    This means that there will be a fire sale of Arione's, I'll list them in a bit - guy who PM'd me can have dibs an a black R1 pending me deciding how much I want for it of course.

  • dibs on your fake SMP if you are selling ..

  • I'm going back to SMP...oura is OK, but not quite as supportive so I don't really sit down, loading legs / back more.

    Anti for lyf then... ;)

  • Is the hell as tall as the extra? I'm alternating 2 extras between my fixed/road/mountain bikes but the seat post is rusted in on the fixed and the high height of the saddle is a bit too much

  • Amazing.

  • I think the frame is the same, just less padding.

    if you ride on flat pedals, changing them can help with the height (abet not as much).

    Secondly if your seat post is rusted, bring it to my shop.

  • Composit or Evolution?

  • Carbon saddle have same shape as Composit, so stick with that.

    I got my package from Lordgun bicycle via FedEx, very reliable and speedy (as many other have gotten it), £111 well spend.

  • I had a quiet LOL when I spotted Regno Unito

  • You had a quiet Laugh Out Loud?

  • Haaa, u bin scobled proper!

  • Cheers, will also add a massive thanks for the advise on the extra being a good gateway, wouldn't go near a normal saddle anymore.

    Where's your shop?

  • Did a long 5hr ride on the fake SMP today; think I am a convert. No after ride pain or numbness. Surprising as I have never used a saddle without padding. Had to adjust the setback by -1cm. I have put it slightly nose up atm and it feels right. Arione/Kurve snake wasn't that bad but it restricted me to arch lower back; roll pelvis and get aero. plus I could feel it in the bottom after a long ride.

    I have Specialized Power saddle on order to test so will see how it compares to that.

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Selle SMP discussion

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