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  • Been riding an SMP Dynamic for a couple of years now and love it. However, I have a cheap Chinese full carbon copy in my commuter as I need to leave the bike locked outside during the day.

    Is there a cheaper model with the same shape and some padding that you would suggest? I'd like not to have to wear padded shorts in the summer to ride the bike around town. Saw the Selle SMP TRK, any thoughts on that?

  • I have the Extra. It's very comfortable but fucking ugly. I'm not sure which shape-family it belongs to.

  • I have have the Chinese carbon copy too and find it really comfy, would like to know if there's a similar shape legit version for a reasonable price (not £500-ish)

  • It is closest in shape to the Composit (which is basically just a glass fibre shell with leather stitched over it), which of course is also the most expensive one (~£120).

    This has a good breakdown of SMP shapes/differences;­fit/2011/09/all-about-smps/

  • Anyone got a blaster for sale?

  • Got a near immaculate SMP Evolution for sale if anybody is interested drop me a message, would be interested in a Dynamic or perhaps Forma - need wider I think

  • I'm loving my forma. Little discomfort on my 600k earlier this month. I want to get a copy for my commuting bike, is there any still on AliExpress, I can't seem to find any?

  • I’ve got a genuine forma in black you can have for not much if you’d be interested? In black

  • Maybe, I'll drop you a pm.

  • I'd be keen if @bjf passes

  • Ok well bjf gets first go, will let you know if he passes.

  • I have an expensive busyman composit releathered in perforated black if anyone is keen. Will include matching bartape for 180 + shipping. A lot yes still not close to half of cost new.

    Tape was on 42cm zipp tb so should be pretty long

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  • Love his work. How much does he charge for a saddle out of interest?

  • $440 AUD for SMP's

  • I'm going to be selling my lite 209 as padding level is a bit too much. Settled on Drakon.

  • Then ad bartape and shipping aswell. Think i paid like 550 usd or something like that for saddle n tape in my hand

  • WOW. Does that at least include the actual saddle or just changing the leather?!

  • Its a number i remember from somewhere. Dont think i ever properly calculated exactly the cost as i then would have likely thought it was just to pricy. I first did 2 then 1 more. That would have been my total incl saddle cost but was used saddles on at least 1 of the saddles "recoveries".

    These saddles saved me from stopping cycling and im not a big fan of logos so was worth it for me at that point

  • His work on SMP's is super nice but new logos are not as offensive.

  • I've only done 1000 miles on my forma and it looks more worn than saddles that have done 10 times that. Whatever they cover it with needs to be looked at. I may drop them an email as you would expect more from a £180 saddle. Comfy though!

  • Its leather or "microfiber"...

  • @M4xime, didn’t hear back from @bjf for over a week so if you’re still interested in the forma let me know?

  • I'm interested if still up for grabs!

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Selle SMP discussion

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