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  • Since a dozen of us now got the SMP (or carbon copy) saddle, it's probably time to make a topic out of it.

    If you want to learn all about the SMP saddle, Steve Hogg's guide is the definite one to read;

    Steve Hogg Bike Fitting - All About SMPs

    @scherrit @JWestland @cafewanda

  • #trendsetter

    Loving that. Carrying on from my previous comment on Dan's thread, it seems odd that they have such a long nose to the saddle, considering you are meant to sit right at the back? I think they could take 2 inches off quite easily (basically bringing the nose back to where the carbon rails join the shell), and I'm not sure it would make the saddle any less useable?

  • Yeah - that is a good point, they seem to force you to sit in the correct position on them - meaning the nose becomes pretty useless - especially the droopy bit.

  • meaning the nose becomes pretty useless...

    Kind of, it actually provide a nice platform to sit on when you want to move forward a bit to give it a bit more gas, I find it especially useful when climbing without resorting to getting out of the saddle.

  • Amazing saddle.

    I got the forma. So no padding. Works great with my nice assos chammos. No numbness even on silly long rides. No sores.

    Can't fault it.

    Run it a few cm further forward than normal saddle and at -3 angle. Nose down.

  • been wondering should I give these a go. Is this "carbon copy" ed mentioned a specific Selle model or a reference to a cheap carbon knockoff which would be interesting.

  • There are chinese carbon copies floating around on aliexpress and possibly ebay - about £25-30...

    @skinny - do you find your Assos chamois sometimes gets slightly stuck in the cutout? My S5 uno's seem to suffer from this on occasion

  • Yup, that the Chinese copy, they're only made in Italy, and nowhere else.

    Mine is the SMP Composit (left, Forma is right), work very well so far, quite like to try the Forma as I don't think I need to have a cut out right at the back;

    My main concern is that the Forma is too wide, and the nose a little too narrow despite a wider centre cut out.

    Funny thing about SMP saddle is that sitbones width are the least of your concern, I'm almost over the 155mm length according to the Specialized Body Geometry chart, yet I find the very narrow Composit fit nicely.

  • hmm have to do some research. A black copy would be great.

  • The other one is the very cheap SMP Extra saddle, a hybrid nodder sit-up-and-beg cushion, going to put that on the MTB to see how that feel, look ugly enough not to worry about it's getting nicked in London's famous London.

    What I can tell you is that too much padding felt uncomfortable because you don't quite sit on the saddle anymore, kinda like over padded bar tape that make you squeeze them harder to obtain a firmer grip.

  • The thins with smps is that different bone widths will work on the same saddle.

    Ed edit your First post and put in Steve Hoggs comprehensive blog post in.­fit/2011/09/all-about-smps/

    Dan, yes very occasionally. But normally if in sitting in an odd position for some reason. Not really a big deal, doesn't do any damage.

  • I didn't have that problem (Rapha bibs), except the bibs I've worn is one size too big and kept catching on the nose when mounting/dismounting.

  • Ha.

    This ebay link makes me sad:­lle-Italia-SMP-Full-Carbon-Fiber-Saddle-­559-Seat-Road-Cycling-/151397376515?_trk­sid=p2054897.l5668
    £199 for a cheap AliExpress copy and they didn't even bother with new photos(?)

    @negaatio have a look on danb's Planet X build thread, him, miro_o and myself all got ones from the same place for less than the uk ebay ones are

  • Is it illegal to knowingly buy counterfeit products in the UK?

  • Knowingly buying counterfeit goods is not illegal in the UK (although is in France)
    Trying to financially gain by reselling them as genuine however IS illegal:­-and-support/fraud-and-economic-crime/pi­pcu/Pages/counterfeit-goods.aspx

  • AFAIK, it's illegal to sell counterfeit, but not illegal to unknowingly buy counterfeit.

  • "Knowingly"

  • Even buying them knowingly is not illegal (in the UK) - the offence is "to try to financially gain by using a trademark without the owner's permission." ie to SELL

  • I like mine, so will almost certainly buy a genuine one second hand for my CX bike (a more robust one than the full carbon)

  • Right. So, it's just an ethical issue in the UK (which means - fuck that! buy the cheapest!)

  • indeed, so long as you remember that if you don't like it you cannot sell it.

  • I'll chip in as an owner:

    Selle SMP TRK (male, the women's one is a whopping 170 mm) - No more complaining left hip, no more complaining sore bits, but the nose is too wide and it's too soft for me. Mind you I cycled 50 miles a day for 6 days on it, so it's not completely off but I ended up with two saddle sores. Minor ones, but caused by it being too soft.

    That is in a moderately forward position on a tourer with drop bars. If you sit very upright the chafing may not be an issue. Soft saddles don't agree with me though.

    Selle SMP Pro - Steve Hogg describes it as a strange shape for mostly heavier riders. I put one on my Gazelle Track (very forward position) and it's GREAT! The wide rear end means I can plant my hips properly, the narrow front means no chafing and the shape supports my rear/front hip bones. The padding is soft enough to use for commuting, but not so soft tissue gets compressed.

    A lite 209 sounds good too, but as these things cos a %$^($^ fortune, I have ordered a used Strike Pro (same shape as the Pro, older model) for my tourer. I guess if it ain't broke...and there's no loan shops where I am...

    For reference: A 150 wide Concor would work for me if it had a cutout, so "shaped" saddles actually agree with me. I have also used a 143 Avatar which was too narrow, and still left some very minor saddle sores. (I shall not go into too much detail but red spots basically...)

  • Agreed, it seems more on the shape of your hips from rear (sitbones width) to front. Some people's hips are narrow on both ends, some wide on both ends, some hips taper more.

    I seem to have wide a rear, reasonably narrow at front and this is why Pro works for me, but for some people the front is wrong and if it's too wide you end up with tissue in the cutout, rather than bones being supported.

  • SMP are a small family business. I would love to buy from them at a price competative with other italian saddles but they don't even come close. They don't seem bothered with developing lower cost products.

    I'm happy to 'go Castro' and buy the copy via silkroad Aliexpress.

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Selle SMP discussion

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