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  • Gutted for him and the team around him. To "fail" so publicly will take some getting over I would imagine (at least it would for me), but I hope he can take the positives out of it as he reflects back. Post ride interview sounded like this was his mindset, but it must be so hard when he's also obliged to continue talking about not breaking the record(s)

  • Didn’t mention the charity on a single video I watched either. Nice PR backup to have though #LANCE

  • Feel for him. Around lap 170 it looked like he had a wobbly moment and lost a load of pace. Clearly he destroyed himself trying and massive respect for that.

  • He talked about the charity aspect in all the videos I saw and it was a major part of the motivation for doing it from the very beginning. I recon he knew it was right on the edge of what was feasible for him, he even talked about hitting some disappointing numbers in the run up and his nationals were a disaster. I’ve almost got more respect for him giving it a wholehearted go, even if he wasn’t certain he could do it. And kudos to his sponsors for supporting him and a good cause.

    Maybe just donate and cheer up a little?

  • Didn’t mention the charity on a single video I watched

    Which videos did you watch? Little Bleedeers and Haemophilia Society were prominently mentioned in every video I've watched on his YouTube channel.

  • Don't be ridiculous. No one can know beforehand. Even if you've done it in training it's not a certainty.

    Anyway, he'll probably get more press than Victor did, for failing to break it.

  • Dafuq?

    Literally pride of place on his lid, his whole skinsuit video talked about it, his intro video that was up a few days talked all about how if he was born earlier he'd never have been able to race...­7FI

    He talked more about Little Bleeders than his team and I don't blame him if they weren't behind the attempt.

  • If it was only about success, this entire forum should donate their bikes to better riders.

    Do something useful @dubtap and support his charity, then you won't feel so bad about all his 'wasted money'­DowsettsWorldRecordAttempt

  • An absolute hero regardless, to continue when the splits aren't looking good is brutal self-determination- inspirational suffering.
    That interview, oof.

  • good xunt imo

  • Valiant

  • You can’t slate someone for losing if they get a PB. IMO

  • You can't slate someone for losing.

    I mean, you can, but it says more about you than them. Also, he didn't lose! Unless the clock or distance won...

  • Should do an obree and get back on the bike this morning and take the record. Dowsett is a supremely talented top guy (lapping fields twice when he raced at Hog Hill as a junior) but not as insane as TTers come.

  • I'm just blown away by how close it all is around the 54-55k mark. To me, a deficit of just 34 seconds over an hour is pretty darn close to taking it. World Tour TTs have far bigger splits and they're often not even half an hour and feature the best in the game going head to head.

  • @dubtap did you have a bet on or something?

  • A have a lot of respect for him (and his partner and the rest of the team) making this attempt happen, and for everything he put into trying it. The more attempts that are made, the greater lauding of the current record - it means more. I don’t think anyone wins when we only get new records being set. Sad Dowsett didn’t make it but I think he can be (and is) proud of what he put into it.

    I felt the backlash on him posting earlier this year about what goes on in a race - blocking the road etc - was a little over the top. It’s racing and lots of teams do it, it’s not just about being the strongest. He’s just shown he is also incredibly strong.

  • Hes a thoroughly nice guy, ive had the pleasure of meeting him and talking to him on the occasion he turns up to do the Maldon club TT, theres no arrogance, he just becomes another rider at the event that will show you his kit and let you lean on his bars, look at his shoes etc. He has also made appearances at North Weald TLI races which have sadly now been canned.

  • I'd love to meet a rider that said "Don't look at my shoes!".

  • Hah, Ok yeah that does seem standard but what i mean is handing me one of those aero fully carbon things he had made.

  • Had the pleasure of meeting Alex Dowsett at a charity do once. He was surprisingly down to earth, and VERY funny.

  • Firstly he didn’t articulate it very well. Also just because everyone does it doesn’t make it ok…
    I think in any sport, conspiring on outcomes isn’t appreciated by the fans.

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The Hour Record

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