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  • I forgot to reply to this on the day.
    Hope you chaps had a good ride, I certainly did!

  • Yes, I did thanks. @benjaminbunny found me on the beach so we had a chat before he headed back to Norwich.

  • Excellent, until next year!

  • What's the good bike shop to go in in Norwich nowadays? Tried the giant store today, was OK, will see what the bill is, not had a huge amount of luck with pedal revolution. Never liked cycle UK's stock that much.

  • Andy Panks of Stafford Street.

  • For buying a bike or fixing a bike?

  • OK will give Andy Panks a go, was thinking of fixing and buying the odd component rather than buying a whole bike. Need a decent LBS.

  • Andy is a great mechanic, though his selection of spares is quite limited, from what I remember. Streetlife were decent enough, but I think they'll have closed their workshop by now. I wouldn't leave any of my bikes with Pedal Revolution or Cycles UK for anything more taxing than a derailleur hanger realignment, personally. Borwell's ain't bad.

    The only guy I actually used for any serious jobs disappeared along with Dandy Horse, sadly. Norwich isn't a great place to be LBS-wise if you're not into expensive carbon road bikes.

  • Yeah had sort of noticed that it's not great for LBSs but hoped there was something around. I'll see what these guys in the Giant store manage but it's not my kind of thing really. I suppose there aren't any cycle-based/friendly cafes either? Another Dandy-Horse-shaped-gap in the market.

  • I didn't even know there was a Giant store.

    Artel is cycle-friendly, in that you can lean your bike outside by the sign and practically touch it from where you're sitting. But rather go there because it's run by Kieran (@12ounce) and is likely the best coffee going. No actual cycle-cafés at the moment though, I think.

  • OK Artel is my place from now on then! Yeah the Giant Store opened on Hall road, big showroom full of expensive stuff. Not bad but no character.

  • Bicycle Links have a cafe and do bike services. They also sell you bits and bobs if needed. I had a fork from them recently that they cut to my specifications. More to the beater/commuter end of the spectrum than Giant store though.

  • Ah might give that a go as well then. Parts not so much of an issue as I suppose anything fancy I can buy online and get someone to fit it if necessary.

  • +1 for bicycle links, dunno how I forgot them. Lovely people, great if you need some random part to finish something off.

  • OK if it's bikes and coffee then I'm there! Thanks for the other tips as well. It's nice to have a few new places to try out. I was surprised to hear about the streetlife workshop, they were kind enough to let me use a pump the other day, seemed like a decent enough place.

  • A disclaimer: I've never tried the coffee at Bicycle Links. I doubt it would be up to Artel's level so probably worth just keeping it to cakes and parts from them. :)

  • I volunteer at bike lincs once a week for about a year now, and annoyed at my self that I never went to them before hand, such nice staff and having all the old parts about its very helpful place if you missing a bolt that other shops might make you pay a lot for.

    The coffees are good prob not fully up to Kierans level.

    Ps. use to post under the name Harbercue a while back but no idea how to log back in to that account, although was mostly reading very few posts.

  • Alright good to know, if this headset problem isn't fixed when I get it back this time I'll head over there.

  • Anyone know a place to get a frame sprayed around here? Ideally preserving decals.

  • Know anyone who'd be interested in an outdoorsy cycling job?­sts/10100514105672765

  • Lustre Coatings powder coated a frame for me a few years back and did a fab job for not a lot of money, they wet paint as well.
    They're just outside Norwich in Hethel.

  • This link seems to be dead now but would be interested in hearing more about it if possible?

  • Yearly bump...

    If anyone is doing the Dynamo this year then tickets are on sale now at £10 a pop. Got mine this morning.

  • Suffolk to host the Woman's Tour grand depart this year:

  • And UK National Champs Road Races starting and finishing in Norwich (via North Norfolk), with the TTs being further out at Sandringham.

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General Chat

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