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  • not surprised tbh :/

  • Bumping for snow. Suddenly the desire for a crossbike and knobbly tyres is even stronger..

  • Was massively disappointing this morning. Got all geared up for some scwheet skidz, and all of the snow had already thawed on the road.

  • There's some untouched stuff on near my office on Rose Lane so make haste! I'm hoping it'll be gone by leaving off time, overcautious drivers are a force to be reckoned with..

  • I'm waiting for this evenings temp drop and black ice appearance for crazzee skidz action.

  • Anyone fancy this at the Playhouse in April? Ventoux; a play about Pantani, Armstrong and drug fuelled road racing.

  • Gas Hill's been resurfaced. Deep joy.

  • I know! I'm so happy! My attempted New Year's Resolution of taking the KOM is alive and well.

  • This seems kind of not really in the spirit of things

  • I'll still only be able to get to the top by zigzagging but I might get further before that becomes necessary now.

  • Hello folks, first time on here, I was hoping to get some advice. I have a bike and bits to sell, but can't figure out how to do it. Any advice? I'm in College Road, by the way.

  • There is the Norwich classifieds thread for selling things locally if that what you mean? List what you've got with pics and you might get lucky.

  • Thanks. I lost patience and put it on Gumtree, but if that doesn't produce a result I'll take it down and put it on here.

  • If anyone is considering doing the Dynamo this year then tickets are on sale now at £10. Lots of the bike reservations where full though on the 16:00 - 17:00 slots.

  • I got on the 3:30 last year with my brothers and we all got our bikes on without reservations. Nobody said anything either. I'm not sure that they're as hot on it as they say they're going to be.

  • Maybe not. There were tons of bikes on there at 16:30 last year and no one was checking that I could see. Are you doing it this year?

  • I got paranoid and called up to reserve a place and was told that I couldn't do it until around mid May.
    I am indeed doing it, thought I might treat myself to gears this year too!

  • I'm never bothered about gears until the last 10 miles to the beach and those last mini hills that feel like maxi hills!

  • I've done it single speed the last three times but I like to mix it up a bit.

  • Anyone Dun-Running?

  • Planning on it still but family stuff might scupper it.

  • Was going to but I've been developing a nasty cold :( We'll see

  • I'm doing the usual. Leaving Norwich at 12:30am, riding down the A140 and joining the ride at Coddenham.

  • I'm definitely in now. Packing the carradice as I type.

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General Chat

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