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  • No bikes, only doughnuts

  • Day off tomorrow, result!

    Might fuel up on yumyums and coffee and hit the gym!!

  • What gym do you go to?

  • Bannatynes...haven't been much lately but now winter is coming up I'll train hard and get lean after putting on weight / fat post wedding!! Haha!!

    Ready for a summer of riding!!

  • Been wanting to join the gym again recently. Immortals is on my doorstep but it's a bit too muscle beach for me

  • Yeah I had a look there as it is close to work but wasn't my cuppa, bit meathead!!

  • Yeah, I don't get this whole grunting and slamming freeweights down thing. Hard to find a quiet, reserved gym nowadays unfortunately

  • @Rikki look on YouTube there is plenty of vids about fitting a bike, it's what I did. Find out where you and you body parts are supposed to be and tinker away. You will never get it perfect but my bake is much nicer to ride now. Oh and @hudsoncjnr is right about concor supercorsa, they are soooo comfy! Also any one tried the lemon meringue Krispy Kreme doughnut? A-maz-ing!

  • Thanks! I don't ride enough to notice the small tweaks etc. made when tweaking it yourself and then due to that I can't warrant spending the money on a professional fit either, on the other hand I may ride a lot more with a proper fit. Bit of a double edged sword I guess. I plan on getting a second bike in the not too distant future, maybe I'll do it with that.

    And no I haven't but they sound incredible

  • Hard to find a quiet, reserved gym nowadays unfortunately


  • As in I am? I'd rather not make a complete tit of myself to be honest, can't say I'd suit that sort of thing.

    Also just came across these­14/6/5/savory-kale-sun-dried-tomato-basi­l-doughnuts.html

  • Bacon, maple syrup and cream cheese bagel for breakfast...winning!

  • Whenever I go to Waffle House I put maple syrup on everything, it's never been disappointing

  • That's it @hudsoncjnr wins.... Oh god I want one!!!!!!!

  • It was so good!

  • @Rikki

    Love the AE86, Trueno has to be my favourite, Initial D fanboy and all that!

    Also not really a fan of that, slammed convertibles just don't really do it for me!

  • I really wish I could warrant getting a second car :(

  • Hahah, i love cars as much as i love bikes, but i'm only 19 and can't afford a decent one (one that i'd actually love to own anyway). Back at home i have a Yaris -.-

  • Been tempted by one of these as a second wagon recently, buy something a bit knackered and work on it. Need to hold out for a garage!

  • I volunteer as co-pilot?

  • I keep toying with the idea of buying something from the year I was born, 1987. Looked at Golf GTi's and Fiesta XR2's!

  • Spotted a bog standard ae86 in norwich the other day, first one I've seen in the flesh! Always fancied a toyota kp30 but too but too hard to find :(

    I'm terrible with cars, been driving 4 years and had a mk2 polo van, mk1 golf, mk2 gti, mk2 typ19 and now a mk5 which is my 'see what having a sensible unmodified car is like'. Very boring..

    Really fancy a series 1 golf though..

  • Love the type 19 golf GTi's

    My Dad had a mk2 mk3 and mk4 fri then an Ibiza cupra, fabia vrs and now an Audi tt - hence my love of the vag group cars!!

  • Golf for sure! They are lovely!

    @laurenced really!? I need to keep my eye out for it! Absolutely love the car, it's a beauty!

    I think my dad had the mk5.. He's almost 60 (just let that sink in)

  • I always had BMWs growing up, hence why I have one now. My dad did later move on to Imprezas and an Astra VXR so who knows what I'll end up with.

    2l twin turbo diesel RWD, @laurenced, more torque and 60+ mpg.. Having a sensible car ain't so bad!

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