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  • Have you got a Pinarello? Put it here. Mine is an Asolo, bought off this very same forum (in a bike purchasing frenzy) and sat untouched in my shed for 3 years, before deciding that I really ought to replace the chain, sort out the brakes and repair the rear mech. So almost 3 years to the day, I took it to France and cycled up Mont Ventoux with it. In a nod to Giovanni Battaglin, I kept the triple - or maybe it's because I'm too fat to get up Ventoux without it! It's a beautiful, comfortable ride - although it still needs the wheels to be trued. Nevertheless, it received admiring glances in France and for a maiden ride (ooh err) couldn't be bettered - oh to be back in the Gorges de la Nesque.

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  • Bollocks - attention fail. Please move to Bikes and Bits!

  • ^^ Nice view...what's the bike look like? ;)

    I'll play, this is my '85 Pinarello Montello.

    Bought it pretty cheap as it needed some love - didn't shift, bottom bracket loose, wonky wheels, but sorted all that out quick smart. Didn't know it was a Montello at the time, but some research indicated it was - no chainstay bridge and SLX tubes (rifling in the seat tube.) The TT cables guides are not typically Montello, but probably would have been bought as a frame only -­narello85/9d.jpg

    Unfortunately a bad respray has removed any evidence of decals, and although I haven't got the paint stripper onto it yet, there doesn't appear to be any chrome on the rear triangle.

    Came with a replacement aluminium fork and Tri-Loc headset, which I put up with for a while, but recently threw on a generic chromed steel fork and Campy headset. Then the day after I had that installed an original Pinarello fork turned up on ebay which I managed to pay far too much for, so that's waiting to get installed when I find some time.

    Grand plan is to do a full restoration - strip and paint, new decals, Campy 8-speed jewellery...but it's a slow process and to be honest I'm enjoying riding it with the Tricolour/105 stuff on it at the moment. Also came with a panto'd Cinelli 1A stem.

    It lives in Melbourne, Australia.

  • My turn!

    I've got a pinarello dynalite with a 10 speed centaur groupset. Mid-90's I think. I got a great deal on the frame and forks. It had basically been hung on someone's wall for a decade! Since then it turned into a but of a money pit as I try to do the frame justice but it was totally worth it.

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  • Here's my Pinarello Asolo, late 80s/early 90s. Got it on ebay last year and had it resprayed at Armourtex in the same purple but with a fine silver shimmer too which looks great in the sun. Took it up for L'Eroica Brittania 100 in the summer. A white San Marco Rolls was recently switched for a leather saddle for a touring weekend. Mix of a Campag SR/CR group set but ideally would have a complete C-record set one day.

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  • I ended up owning more than a couple of them... Maybe is because I come from Treviso and when I was a kid I always looked at them as the best bikes in the world (not really knowing any other brand).
    My first was a Montello, in Banesto colours. The paint was flaking and the decals were removed, so after a couple of years I decide to restore it, changing colour and group (from a full Chorus RS to a mix of Athena, chorus and croce d'aune in graphite finish).



    Got for a about a year an alu Pista:

    later sold to upgrade to carbon, a 2012 Xtrack sprint

    And then this Stelvio for my girlfriend

  • That Montello is incredible, nice work.

  • My Pin

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  • I just swapped my boardman hybrid for this, kind of Pinarello. I think its a result

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  • Shouldn't this be in Bikes&Bits?

  • my 2002 Pinny - replaced the handlebar, stem, and wheels last summer, I'll have to find an original photo.

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  • So following post #3 above, the frame has been stripped of its components, stripped of its crappy powdercoat, chromed, painted, decals and clear coat. It now looks like this:

    Astute readers may recognise what I was aiming for:­narello85/9d.jpg

    Absolutely stoked with the result. Now to put some jewellery on it...

  • 1993 Pinarello Asolo Team Replica (replica of one of Indurain's Tour frames)

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  • ... Banco Español de Crédito

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  • Here's mine:

  • Once it looked like this

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  • Now it looks like this - cracked seat tube....

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  • A pinarello Monvisio in my favourite colour.

  • Not mine, but today I built this little baby:

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  • Bellissimo. Old Chorus / Athena crank?
    You work in the pinarello store now?

  • It's just a Record pista crankset, and yes, I work there now!

  • here's mine Pinarello, at the moment just frame. Pinarello Dynalite crono.
    its kind a optimistic wish, but searching for original 650c fork, maybe someone has any info?

  • Finished for now

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Pintarello - Pin your Pinarello Here

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