Tour Divide

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  • Good luck - it'll be a lot of fun (& occasionally painful...)

  • So much respect Gabes - have an amazing adventure. Can't wait to hear your tales and see your pics (and track your progress all the way). Best of luck with it all.

  • Gabes, I don't know you but hope you have a great ride and everything stays together. Will be following and rooting for you on your quest

  • Good luck Gabes!

  • Good luck Gabes, looking forward to catching up when you're back.

  • Have a good time @gabes Ride Hard.

  • Good luck Gabes... this is gonna be one hell of an adventure!

  • There may be photos etc uploaded to this thread on too­acing/tour-divide-2015-race-discussion-t­hread/msg74272/#new

    Check it from time to time.

  • What's the go with the ITTers? Are they just people riding the route whenever they want to try and set a PB or course record? How do they differ from you doing the 'race'?

  • They only differ in that they didn't leave with the 'Grand Depart' We all have to follow the same rules, like no drafting, no kit sharing, no food sharing, etc. But, there is the natural (small) advantage for GD racers that there are lots of tyres tracks to follow in some place. And I think the knowledge other people are on route with you probably give a small sense of security.

  • Gotcha. Given the rules for you guys it didn't really make sense but I guess it does also free up timings, if that's an issue for the rider.

  • Have a blast.

  • Good luck fella, very jealous but also very not at the same time.

  • Go Gabes!

  • Not sure if you've answered this already, you going to be calling into MTBCast while you're out there?

  • Excellent work fella.....I've been watching your build up to it with the bike etc, with awe and love to do this, but I'm too old/breakable/weak to do it justice!

    And (in my best "don't look under the bed" voice), the Bears!

    Good luck though :0)

  • you going to be calling into MTBCast while you're out there?

    I doubt it. Instagram/FB updates and trackleaders is enough I think. I'll be trying to keep pedalling as many hours a day as I can really. About to head to Heathrow now! NERVES. MUCH.

  • Get stuck into the free booze!

  • Bon courage! Maybe your winds be of the tail variety :)

  • Really excited for you. Best of luck!

  • All kicks off in ~5 hours. Looks like @gabes is having a really shit time, not at all jealous...

    More at

  • Looks shit. Give me A-road motorways, potholes and drizzle.

  • Lake Minnewanka

    Minny wanker? For realz!

  • Some more background reading from various racers/record holders to kill a bit of time before the dots start moving:­de-advice/

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Tour Divide

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