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  • "the bear spray on my handlebars went off. I could see in the gravel where I slammed on blinded then swerved into the a rock. Thankfully(!) hitting that rock stopping me going into the river. Evacuated by helicopter, in hospital with 7 broken ribs. Tip is dont put your bear spray on your handle bars!"

    That's one way to finish your race. Fuck.

  • Sounds like a load of people with no experience. What happens when anyone can do something.

  • I mean that snow looks pretty serious, you don't go playing in that without experience.

  • Is it no experience? If I was a noob and saw those forecasts I'd have either waited or got more kit.

    I wonder if the rescues were people thinking they could carry fuck all to beat a FKT or PB or something? How many of the rescues were rookies vs. vets I wonder. Gram counting racers vs. the tourists with a load more kit because they expected to be slower in the first place.

  • Americans just don't seem to play by the same understanding i have. Cry bloody murder about a film crew and visitation, but hey, here is some private resupply for you.

    A highlight was a local “trail angel” driving out to bring them hot cider after tracking them on “track leaders”­?utm_source=ig_embed&ig_rid=30df3db9-2fd­f-45b2-a92a-8da5c0b39da8

  • There's definitely a different attitude from a lot of the mid-packers compared to the Laels who are trying to do everything by the book while still getting content for sponsors, etc.

  • No. Anyone fast made it through before the weather turned real bad. Those behind got caught out or made bad decisions.

  • That's my point though - the forecast was known before the race started so people riding into total shit with little kit and needing to be rescued either overestimated their ability or ignored the forecast hoping it was overstated or something.

  • I know there's no real "organiser" but I wonder if after this they might rethink the whole GD start when a massive weather front is coming in.

  • Seems Nate has a issue

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  • Sofiane running seriously close to Mike Hall’s record. Pretty gripping stuff as far as dot watching goes!

  • Didn't he himself say the record won't be valid as this year route has some mandated diversions later on? So even if he beats MH's time it won't be official/on the OG route

    EDIT: source­?igshid=YmMyMTA2M2Y=

  • Ah, hadn’t seen that, but it doesn’t surprise me. Still amazing to see him going at such a lick!

    I’m kind of pleased, it’d be lovely to see Mike’s record never beaten as a sign of respect.

  • I’m kind of pleased, it’d be lovely to see Mike’s record never beaten as a sign of respect.

    Nice thought but too many people want to be the one that beats Mike's record. Eventually, like most records, it will be forgotten about by the current crop of riders (or we'll all be underwater or in a nuclear winter or something)

    Also, imagine racing and two people are above record pace - you think Mike would convince the other guy they both slow down? Not likely.

    If it has to fall, I'd like to see it beaten because two people are duking it out

  • If it has to fall, I'd like to see it beaten because two people are duking it out

    Absolutely agree.

    I think I read that Sofiane hasn’t taken ‘sleeping gear’ for this attempt either, which is an interesting move if true - especially given the weather conditions near the Canada/US border and all the subsequent rescues.

  • Does he ever take sleeping gear? He probably looked and assumed he'd just ride through anything. Whereas the slower riders can't or won't push through.

  • Not sure - never followed him or his races in much detail before. I suppose *define sleeping gear*…he’s obviously sleeping somewhere somehow!

  • Yeah, I mean, an emergency bivvy is sleeping gear. But then so is my jacket when I don't carry a bivvy.

    I don't know the route but there's obviously some indoor places to use - post offices, shelters, bear-proof toilets:

  • Yes, from Dotwatcher:

    All up the route is about 180 miles (300km) shorter than previous editions and any talk of records is off the table for this year.

    Also what happened to Josh, he got caught in the storm?

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Tour Divide

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