Microadventuring, mini tours etc

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  • Thanks - quite a few candidates in there.

    Cheers everybody also, I want to do this fairly often so I reckon I just need to crack on and fuck it up a few times. I reckon having a couple of hours ride into work in the morning won't be as bad as I fear, considering being woken by sunlight at sparrow fart

  • I just need to crack on and fuck it up a few times

    This is my plan, went out once and won't be heading back to the same spot in a hurry, but at least now I know

  • Thinking of buying a bivvy. As my tent weighs a ton (compared to a 345g bivvy) and seems silly to cart it around for one night. Only plan to use it once (but will use more if I like it). So don't want to spend much.

    This seems ok and will fit me (I'm 198cm). Any reason I shouldn't get it? Will be used 3-4 nights/year max.

    Also, should probably buy a basha/tarp. Any suggestions?

  • That doesn't look like it has waterproof zips, which means that water would leak in from the side. The material also doesn't look particularly tough, and might let in moisture from underneath if the ground is damp.

  • might let in moisture from underneath if the ground is damp

    But doesn't the 3000mm HH rating mean it won't?

    Might just get a lighter tent then. Currently got a crappy 2/3 man.

    Edit: I think you're right about the waterproof zips. But it does have a large flap which covers the zip. Meaning most water (if from above) won't get near it.

  • I have read about cheaper bivis having a bit of seep at the bottom.

    If you're going to use it with a tarp it should be fine, as it is essentially just a wrap around groundsheet. At least with the zips you can regulate the moisture inside a bit so it doesn't get too humid in the bag.

  • I've got an Alpkit one, super impressed. Wish I'd bought green though to blend in.

    I use a fishing tarp and they're perfect. Cheaper and with the eyelets in useful places. Most often i actually use the tarp on the ground and wrap my bags inside it. Mostly because i've used it fields more than forests.

  • It does look good but doubt I'd use it much to make it worthwhile. Been looking into a smaller lighter tents (as I'd get more use out of one) but struggling to find much that would fit me (6'6").

  • I've got the Alpkit bivvy and tarp setup. It's great and with a fancy carbon fibre pole and a very light weight (and cheap) sleeping bag it comes in at about 1kg for the lot. Would recommend

  • This says its 225cm and probably more in your price range than alpkit https://www.mountainwarehouse.com/bivy-b­ag-p13634.aspx/

  • Thanks. That seems pretty good for the money. Hadn't looked there.

    Plus 10% off on first order (sign up for a mailing list), plus 5% cashback on TopCashBack. Shame they want £4.50 for postage though.

    I've ordered one.

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Microadventuring, mini tours etc

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