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  • There's lots of threads about long tours that people have been on but I reckoned it'd be good to have a place to discuss the smaller trips we are taking.

    My tales might need to be inspiration for a longer trip for some of you guys but for those that are in (or at least not at the other end of the country from) London I figure a thread like this might be good so people can pick up ideas of routes/destinations etc. Also probably a good place to discuss equipment etc in relation to shorter trips.

    On that last note, I have definitely yet to master the art of packing light. My kit has been bought on something of a budget so I haven't got a nice down sleeping bag that packs away tiny etc but I also figure that I could try and pack a lot less than I do and 'rough it' or I can take my tent and my big warm sleeping bag and the kitchen sink and enjoy my nights away a bit more. I did consider a bivvybag when I was buying the tent I got (Jack Wolfskin Gossamer) but given the run ins I've had with the midges I'm glad I decided to get the tent!

    Until this year I hadn't been camping or even slept in a tent since doing so as a child so I'm definitely still finding my feet. That's probably the main reason I've only done single night trips, I hope to make some longer trips next year. The other reason I think I've only done single nights so far is that I go solo, I don't have any mates that are into touring/camping etc.

    My first trip, camping on the shore of Loch Arklet with no midge repellant and nothing to start a fire, a couple lessons quickly learned there,

    Camping beside River Almond between Newtonbridge and Loch Tay,

    See what I said about not packing light, this was on the way to Loch Arklet again and this time I came back the very narrow and technical bit of singletrack that forms the West Highland Way between Inversnaid and Rowardennan, what a nightmare!

    I'm planning to ride that bit of the WHW again but to stay in a backpacking hostel in Inversnaid this time rather than camping.

  • Sweet, a friend just did a bit of the WHW on her 1x1, bikepacking/rucksack set up, photos made it look a lot of fun!

    Looks like a mega amount of stuff on the last picture - surely there must be some cost effective ways of reducing the bulk without sacrificing too much comfort...

  • Move somewhere warm. Then no need for all the sleeping kit. Sorted. ;)

  • It probably looks like so much due to the massive sleeping bag.

    When I did newtonbridge to loch Tay I had a lighter bag, inside the pannier and my tent/sleeping mat on the top of the rack, looked a lot more compact.

    I should probably get some smaller panniers as having the room definitely encourages me to fill the room.

  • given the run ins I've had with the midges

    Get cheap mouthwash and pour it into a spray bottle, spray liberally all over. Not only will you stay minty fresh but no bug will come within 100yrds of you. Even midges...

  • ^ Will give it a try.

    I've currently got done Avon Skinsosoft and it seems to keep them off a little. Solidifies in thd cold though and becomes useless!

  • Mouthwash seems to work just as well as any real product I've tried and if nothing else it smells less chemically and rank than most! Been told the cheaper and more alcoholy the better..

  • Smidge that Midge, or another Saltidin containing repellent. Works amazingly well. A bit Rapha-esque in pricing (~£6 a bottle) but one lasted 2 weeks touring in the Highlands for two of us with only a handful of bites.

  • Great idea for a thread @mechanical_vandal. I think I need to do a few jaunts like this before I embark on a big tour next year. Aiming for 2 nights over making it into a long weekend. Was thinking the Lake District in a couple of weeks time, just working out the logistics to get up to Manchester then cycle up. Wanted to try Epping Forest but it looks like the camp sites all close at the end of August. Will post back once I have a solid plan!

  • We did a bit of this last year....the best one was a three night/four day to Hunstanton, off road. We used parts of the peddars way and icknield way. It was all kinds of awesome, with wild camping in woods, found along the way.
    I used a hammock and tarp, which is very comfortable and keeps most of the small bitey things out of my face, whilst keeping off the spidery things that mooch about on the floor.

    I tried to pack very light, using alpkit dry bags strapped to a carradice bagman at the rear and underneath the bars on the front. As I hate having anything around my shoulders, I used a northface sport hiker large bumbag thing for all the quick access stuff plus extra water bottles....it all worked very well.

    The hammock and change of clothes are on the front, the doss bag and toiletries are on the back.....

    It's a great way of being self sufficient, without having to worry about reaching a specific place, at a specific time......if you see somewhere to have a paddle, you can stop for a bit if you like!

  • Which hammock do you have? I'm looking at getting one.

  • Look at dd ones. I've got one of the cheaper ones and it's great.

  • It's one by tenth wonder.....I think the hammock and tarp came in at £45... It's the nuts

  • Just got back from a short tour, London to Cambridge and back. Took far to much stuff as I wasn't sure what the weather was going to do. Slept in a home made shelter last night.

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  • Double post, keep getting errors

  • Where did you stop?

  • A field near Harpenden on the way out, night in Cambridge and woods near Broxbourne on the way back.

  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jx3PjkrR­xo4

    Makes me wish I could even slightly control a mtb properly.

  • I tried the mouthwash thing last year. Doesn't work for me. Internet also says no.

    Snopes reckons its the Eucalyptol in the mouthwash that gives some people results, but there's very little of that in there.

  • done a bit, london to bristol on the canal path (after all that rain last year was horrid) but i have enjoyed riding abergavenny to brecon along the cannal then up to builth and back down to monmouth really recomend this.

  • Some ideas here too ... sometimes the most memorable things in life are very modest and done at the drop of a hat ... simple pleasures are great!




  • Great idea for a thread. I have a couple month free next year and I'm planning a long tour then, but want to do a couple small trips like this to get used to how the whole touring thing works. Looking forward to seeing what people get up to and hopefully contributing a little bit too (cross-check should arrive today)!

  • enjoyed riding abergavenny to brecon along the cannal

    The Monmouthshire - Brecon canal?

  • Great idea for a thread. Only working a three / four day week now so will be attempting lots of mini trips I hope next year. Will be heading out for my birthday in Feb so I'll post my set up which is cheap and cheerful 'cept for my bag :)

  • Rode a big chunk if the grand union the other day, was generally shitty and slippy as fuck.

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Microadventuring, mini tours etc

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