Need some help with my bike

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  • Hi guys. I have Fuji Track Classic.
    Something is clicking in my back wheel. Clicking every 1 second when I'm pedalling, but when I stop pedalling for a second it's gone.
    Maybe it's freewheel?
    I brought it to Evans cycles, they checked, said that everything is fine. But in 2 days it started again.
    Anyone who knows what I can be?
    And have some spare time this weekends?

  • Does it speed up when you speed up?

  • The sound? Yes.

  • Try asking in this thread­6/ or mechanics and fixins.

    Probably get a much better/prompter response

  • Thank you.
    asked at mechanics and fixin - no answer/

  • If it was me matey I'd check:

    -chain for any tight links.
    -chainring and sprocket for any chips on the teach.
    -make sure the crank is securely bolted to the bottom bracket.
    -if your running brakes brake cables by the wheel.
    -and check the chain line (image from google attached) because if your chainline is off it might be catching, which might be causing the clicking.

    Put the bike on it's seat and handlebars and run the pedals round see if that helps you locate the clicking better maybe?

    There are probably a load more things that could cause the sound but if none of those seem to be causing it I'd take it somewhere that knows more about fixed gear like brick lane bikes or something, I'm sure they'd have a look for you. I'm gonna be around London on sat for the spfg ride so could meet you a bit earlier if you'd like some help? Drop me a pm.

    Hope that helps you out! Sorry for filling up the feed too

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  • Thanks a lot for your answer.
    I will check everything and let you know.
    The only problem that when I turn over my bike nothing is clicking)
    Only when I'm sitting on it))

    Cheers, will PM you!

  • Tried turning the cranks with the chain off? How's it feel?

  • Hmm linked to weight then… and yeh good shout lhl

  • The sound goes from back wheel. Somewhere in hub or spocket
    But thanks!

  • loose bearing in the hub?

  • Have no idea what's that means:)) but will ask Jack on Saturday.

  • let me guess, the noise has a resonance in tge whole frame when you cycle.
    Sealed bearings of the hub are gone, replace them!

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Need some help with my bike

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