Soda / pop /fizzy drinks discussion

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  • I’ve got a bru on the go this evening, always a winner.

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  • got some A&W Root Beer and Dr Pepper & Cream Soda from EssexDrinks . com
    just under a quid a can delivered (12 of each)

    The Root Beer is aces, the Dr Pepper Cream Soda was just DP like to my tastebuds, not worth the effort.

    Hoping they get the A&W cream sodas in and i'll buy them up.

  • Got a case of Kinnie Zest for Xmas, couldn’t be happier.
    The full sugar version appears to have fallen foul of the sugar tax as I’ve not been able to find it in over a year now. Can confirm the sugar free is as good, if not slightly better than the original. San Pelli chinotto might be easier to find but is a truly inferior beverage.
    Absolute 10/10 all day long.

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  • My usual

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  • @pit have you tried?

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  • I'm noticing a load more sweets and drinks from the US in both supermarkets and my local shops.

  • Nope I only drink sugar free. Mule is my current favourite.

  • Recently picked up a 4 pack of these.

    Less fiery than ginger beer, quite refreshing on these hot hot days.

  • Ahh ok, this one tasted quite like the DR "Rossi" one, does that come in a sugar free option?

  • I usually want more fire. I tried the Bundaberg (or however yoy spell it) Ginger beer, was too sweet for me.

  • That one is similar to Ultra Paradise. Haven't seen it in my local shops in ages. They all have tons of ultra violet which is just vile.

  • ultra violet

    Not tried it. Guessing it's something like the Rockstar Guava, great for about 3 ice cold sips then becomes super sickly sweet and undrinkable.

  • One of my all time favourite Youtube videos...

  • It's supposed to taste of grapes. It's closer to those fake fruit juice drinks that taste nothing like fruit. I get sore throat from it too.

  • fake fruit juice drinks that taste nothing like fruit.

    Yeah that's the kinda thing.
    Can't believe I loved Sunny D as a kid.

  • Saw a can of Orange Vanilla Coca Cola in my corner shop which raises all kinds of questions for me about Western civilisation

  • Mine too! Almost tempted to go to LA to visit

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Soda / pop /fizzy drinks discussion

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