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  • Didn’t soda...umm... upset your gut.... on such long races?

  • had this recently at a Georgian restaurant in Warsaw. I liked it, but have a very sweet tooth.
    it’s a VERY sweet lemonade-like fizzy drink made with a fruit i’d never heard of before - ‘feijoa’, also known as ‘pineapple guava’ (so says wikipedia)

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  • Had this at a Brazilian cafe in Edinburgh about a month ago, tasted like a very very toned down red bull – best South American can I've had, much better than the weird pink Venezuelan one I got in Oxford that was like a pink Irn Bru but so intense and sugary it made my head feel weird.

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  • Not at all.

  • Yea, Guarana is amazing. You can get it in some Tesco stores even. Tastes a bit different depending on country of origin though.

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  • Feijoa is a popular fruit in New Zealand but comes from Brazil

  • Rocks Organic squash

    No artificial sweetener, the orange one made with sparkling water is like orangina, the black currant recalls Ribena before they fucked it up.

  • Finally!!! It took a whole week, but I found somewhere in Germany still selling this elixir.

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  • Someone brought me a bottle of Club orange back from NI. Sadly its the diet version.

  • Had a Soda Folk session this last week.
    Their Root Beer is great, the cream soda is also very good.
    Cherry was not my tastes, a bit too sour. But my wife liked it.

    Cherry and Orange seemed to be stocked in TK Maxx fridges permanently, and I've heard M&S @ BP stock most/ all flavours (but am yet to prove this)

  • Oh - I had their Root Beer - didn't really rate it :/

    Best goddamn Root Beer I think still to this day was the stuff in McDonalds until they got rid of it in the early Nineties - that shit was wild

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  • I had some epic root beer on a recent trip to Tennessee and Kentucky. I wish we could get that stuff easily here.

    Is there a Yank store in London that stocks such things?

  • Which one?

    Sainsbury in Dog Kennel has some American options. Can check for you later today.

  • There is fuck all root beer in this country, so I think I'm primed to like stuff more due to rarity.

    Saying that I can't stand the Carter stuff available on Asda.

  • Sainsbury in Dog Kennel has some American options. Can check for you later today.

    I've searched for these before on your recommendation but never found them!

  • I was given root beer by mistake as a child at one of the first MacDonald's in London... My mind and tastebuds were blown... It took another five years for me to figure out what it was I tasted that glorious day...

    A MacDonald's hamburger was only 27p back then, this price is engraved on my memory... Strange to think that it isn't much more than that now, I can get a two dollar cheeseburger almost anytime I want down here...

  • Never eat them tho'... Delicious as they are...

  • Bottom shelf of the American 'food' section in the international foods aisle. Below the giant bags of refined sugar and the Twinkies.

  • Loads of Root Beer, AW is the king though.
    I am a huge fan, if you can't tell.

  • Dude, your bike looks fucking banging!

  • A rare treat for me as I rarely spot the Chinotto flavour in London.
    It’s just a second rate Kinnie but still got the zingy herbal citrus thing.

    I’m also a big root beer fan. My local sainos does Carters- £2 x6, Soda Folk- £3.80 x4 and Virgil’s(in the yank bit as @Aroogah says) at £1.80 each. The Virgil’s is by far the best but the price puts me off buying it too often. No A&W round our way.

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  • Boylans is the best bottled root beer in the Yank bit in sainos, getting rarer and rarer though, grab some if you see it.

  • Aha thanks. It had its own thread here:­21/

    I forgot to ever update it, especially after dialling in the setup with low 26mm bars and the spok and stuff.

    The bike is with me in Germany at the moment, where it finds its semi-permanent home. It’s on ‘loan’ to a friend here, and the wheels were for him anyway for his Look.

    I hate riding road bikes in England now anyway.

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Soda / pop /fizzy drinks discussion

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