Tour de France 2015

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  • How come all the strongest cyclists look so bad on a bike this year? Even Sagan looks really bad. Valverde looks the most elegant probably.

  • Froome just always looks hilariously awful, Quintana always looks like he's the bored strong rider in a Sunday club ride, Nibbles in form just looks smooth and easy, Contador looks bloody great riding a bike but is knackered. Valverde's fun, I like the way he swashes his buckles.

    Everyone looks exhausted anyway. Bring back dope, far more exciting racing and less reliance on boring old physiological limits and powermeters.

  • ^ Quintana always looks like he is riding a frame one size too big to me.

  • True, he looks awful in every way. Pure time trialists and trackies usually look best imo but this year they're obviously all behind. Thomas doesn't look too bad either

  • Where are people watching this?

  • I'm in the kitchen, don't know about anyone else.

  • Living room, anyone in bed?

  • I think Contador looks awful! He must ride further than anyone else as he seems incapable of riding in a straight line!

  • Doping must be stressful, Miller always looks pissed off to me.

  • Od course he looks pissed off. He got found out. Should be thankful ITV4 wanted him !

  • Quintana always looks like he's got a conversation going in his head. Maybe someone is whispering in his ear on the radio the whole way.

  • Currently on my bed, not technically in it though.

  • I'm at work. Has it started already? Who's winning?

  • sat in an occasional chair, feet on pouf .... in the lounge

  • any pubs in Hackney/Haringey likely to show it in the garden?

  • On my sofa at home....froome still winning for the moment

  • Forgot to do a beer run last night. Luke warm beer. ITV 4 adverts. Balls.

  • Streaming on ITV in Spain, pretty good feed today. That Guiness ad should be on the hipster thread

  • ^,,,Down the caff avin brekfast innit

  • "The sprinters will be looking for the autobus now; not a physical bus, but a virtual bus."

    Thanks for clearing that up, Paul.

  • Thats because Valverde is too busy wheel sucking to put any effort in.

  • Did I miss anything? The Spanish feed isn't working. Fucking Carlton Kirby.

  • Looks like bardet is going to go for the polka

  • Fans trying to force there way into passing Sky vehicles?

  • Could get nasty on Alp D'uez

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Tour de France 2015

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