Tour de France 2015

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  • Grow three legs.

  • Magnets.

    Tiny magnets.

    Think "Inner space". With tiny magnets.

  • How will genetic manipulation work then?­gineering

    • Modify someone's genes to make them express the ones that are linked with increased performance
    • Train them
    • Hope they don't turn into Brundlefly and vomit on you before eating you up
    • Profit
  • ^^^ ...with a cleat in each foot and ant+ cadence sensor.

  • Why have feet when you can just grow cleat stumps? Weight savings. Marginal gains. I thinkb they've already scooped out the parts of Froomes brain that don't tell him to pedal.

  • Bert's warm-up

  • Froome will be put out to stud

  • I'll admit that I'm a bit of a Geraint Thomas fanboi at the best of times, but he's really gone up in my estimations now.

    “I couldn’t care less what he’s [Lance Armstrong] doing,” the Welshman said as he warmed down on the rollers after helping Froome defend the yellow jersey during stage 11 to Cauterets.

    “He’s done enough harm. We’re paying the price for the damage he’s done."

  • Was he being asked to donate some money to the charity?

  • I saw that on the twitter a few days ago, pretty standard warm up except the watts part

  • He wasn't that punchy before the USADA decision. Exact opposite.

  • Only just watched the highlights great ride from Martin, definitely deserved the combative award. Chapeau to Majka that was some performance.

    Kirby mentioned Kelly winning a cow, we're we counting that?

  • @richie_porte Best moment of my day was stopping to have a chat to a guy calling me a doper on the way way back to the bus. He shit himself #coward

    Link to Tweet:­621361125796499457

  • So glad all the scientists on here helped clarify the genetic manipulation thing.

  • Eat the DNA of someone faster than you. #scifichannel

  • You're the scientist!!

  • Few replies down- Dr Michele Ferrari- "that'd be the steroids making you angry", ha!

  • The state of this thread.. :(

  • Today looks brutal. They'll suffer pretty horribly in the heat again...

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  • The final climb today is tougher than Alpe d'Huez. Factor in that this is the third straight day in the mountains and the heat and the time gaps today will be big.

  • I reckon I could make it to Aspet where I'd stop for rillettes, half a baguette, loads of cornichons and a bottle of vin rouge after being overtaken by the broom wagon.

  • sounds like Zak Dempster's scenario for today

  • Is Viagra legal?

  • Jeez, you got a wiki link didn't ya?

    Now read it and go and engineer some genetics already.

    What would you like, the moon on a stick?

  • No. Just some thought about generation times of humans.

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Tour de France 2015

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