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  • I'm moving to Cardiff in a week or so from Bristol. Once Im settled ill be planning regular fixed rides out of the city from around 20 to 60 miles, as it doesn't seem anything like this currently exists in Cardiff. Also regular skidzz. Just wanted to see who on the forum is from Cardiff.


  • Car crash

  • Hello! There is (moreso 'was') a facebook group called "fixed fridays" that was, as the name suggested, fixed gear rides occurring on Fridays. I'm happy to jump into any rides that you have, but I'm likely away for much of the winter. Also, I'm terrible at riding fixed, so I'll be all geary, using those gears. but either way, Yay! Cardiff has lots of great bicycle amenities nearby... like... uh... Bristol...

  • Cardiff has lots of great bicycle amenities nearby...

    A velodrome, where you can ride fixed to your heart's content.

  • I live in Cardiff.

  • Does anyone ever go up to Maindy track?

  • I do every now and the once the sessions have finished and the light is good.

  • Hey everyone. Just wanted to say hi and mention that there are a couple of us up around Aber riding fixed. I have moved down from London and got my work buddy to get a track bike too. If there are more dudes riding fixed in Wales, would love to hear from you and get a ride organised or something. Cheers! Maro

  • There are quite a few guys here in Cardiff that ride together as part of the LBB (life behind bars) out of a shop in Roath called Punk Bikes. On top of that there are loads of others i see out and about probably students and a few messengers. Which Aber are you from?

  • hey! i live in swansea and i'm a single speed rider :-)
    Would be up for going for a ride.

  • There is the 2016 ride to the beach in June. You ride from the centre of Cardiff at sunset, to the Mumbles in Swansea through the night to catch the sunrise on the beach, its about 75 miles in all. About 10 of us did it fixed last year and was a right laugh!

  • @UTVACW Cheers! Just noticed your answer. I'm in Aberystwyth so kind of fuk all here. Mad climbs and descends if you're into near death experiences. :P Will keep an eye on the respective FB pages. Hopefully I can come down one day and go for a ride with you guys.

  • and descends if you're into near death experiences.

    Do you even brake, bro?

  • Just built up this little beast due to the bad weather to thrash around Cardiff. Not too many hills so no brakes here either!

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  • Nice! Not bad for a beater. I've been trashing my bike a little and feel bad for it so could do with another for abuse.

  • This beach ride sounds kind of cool. I'm in Swansea, not riding fixed/ss anymore (Swansea hills) but would be keen a sketchy 75 mile night ride. Can't find much info for 2016 online. Too early?

  • Thanks man! I guess its techically my beater but my prize possesion at the same time. If i destroy it i will never come across another one thats for sure so im super careful!

  • There is a Facebook group called 'Cardiff to the beach night ride 2016'. The route is up there i believe and a lot of people are interested in going already! It will be good fun for sure though. It got a bit ropey in the middle last year somewhere between Llantwit Major and Porthcawl because i got chatting to someone and got totally lost in the pitch black! But it was all good in the end. The more the merrier! Any bikes are welcome, but doing it fixed felt like the best option.

  • Got it, cheers mate. Nice and flat route - gives me an excuse to build a SS bike...

  • Yeah do it for sure, its really do-able on a ss/fixie.

  • @steelp4nther Saw that bike outside the Albany last week. So nice.

  • Thank pal, you still after a 55cm?

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