LFGSS.CC Training- rides, skills,etc.

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  • So, I will be moving away from Nottingham in the new year, and I realistically have no idea where I'll be placed. Renewing my membership with my current club is probably a silly idea as I may not be in the area come race season.

    Pending whatever approval of the club is needed @Velocio, @pootsmanuva, @Aroogah (and if any help is needed, please let me know), and knowing that there are a few others who'd consider racing under the LFGSS name- it might be good to do some training, as an online hive-mind, covering any code of racing possible.

    We're lucky in that respect as the diverse types involved in the forum allow wide ranges of skills and tips to be shared. Additionally, taking a leaf out of the successful track taster session, and the ladies' excellent adventures (bmx day looks ace @pootsmanuva!), we could book out venues for training that requires specific arenas or equipment.

    Now, I'm not saying that you shouldn't be a member of a off-line, traditional club as well- my current club is excellent, but it requires a more fixed location than I usually have.

    TL;DR- let's get some training threads started/ events organised. I will do my best to not be the organisational mess I usually am, to push this through, and hopefully we can get some cold stuff organised.

  • I'll formalise a more formal list of current useful training threads later, but would any of you below be interested in sharing knowledge:
    With the idea of for example-
    CX cornering and obstacle practice.
    Track winter fitness/weights
    Mtb getting muddy in the most effective way (I was always shit on a mtb)
    Roller/turbo training routines
    Fixed crit skills-bunch riding, cornering (also applies to road racing)

    +dimi3 +Colm89

    Fixed Crits:

    Road racing:
    +skinny +Kompute

    Time trialling:
    +hippy +umop3pisdn

    +Howard +andyp


    CX MTB:

    +ewanmac +Sainsburys_Ed



    I'll put in my limited knowledge as much as I can...

  • I'd be happy to share info, but there's not too much info in my head about hill climbs.
    There are many people on here faster than me up a hill.

    I reckon @danb and @pj_(pj) have far far more information about how to train properly for these things. @Fixedwheelnut will also have a tonne of information. @skinny too, seeing as he's faster than me up Yorks Hill.

  • The list of people I wrote is by no means extensive or even adequate...
    I also forgot audaxing, and that's a huge list of people.

    And sportives...
    How are there this many types of riding?

    This is predominantly a desire to provide high quality collaborative. training plans for people to work on individually and provide a means of making group training rides and events possible- as the ladies have managed.

  • Do you want me to list names of people that should come to this thread?

  • If you could that would be great, as the more people we can get involved, the better it will work. I think.

  • I think @mdcc_tester probably has more 'normal' TTing knowledge than me. I'm at the slightly wonky end of the TT scale.

  • Your knowledge is pretty extensive on different reasons to ride, though, and different racing forms.

  • HC are pretty simple - as little weight as possible (rider and bike combined) without sacrificing too much power and then just find some hills and ride up them as quick as possible :) Repeat until sick.

    Try and vary the length/steepness of climbs based on the length of the events you will enter. I prefer longer climbs so will try to seek out climbs >5mins but short sharp climbs are good as intervals to increase your power.

    Tejvan's site is one of the best for information on HC training: http://cyclinguphill.com/category/traini­ng/

    Along with PJ's : http://traumfahrrad.com/category/hill-cl­imbs/

  • Righto.

    Audaxz: @edscoble @Fox @Oliver Schick @CorlisBenefideo @hippy (that last one's not a joke. there may be cross over in the training)
    Hillclimbs: @danb @pj
    (pj) @Fixedwheelnut
    Time trialling: @hippy @Fixedwheelnut @clubman
    Power meter training people: @Dammit @hippy @dan @TW (there are more in the powermeter thread, this might pull them out)
    Slvlss @TW

  • I just read and digest loads of training information from the odd book and the TT forum (which has some very knowledgable members) and throw it all together. Happy to share any information I have.

  • @xavierdisley is probably the most knowledgable forum member with regards to TT'ing, but as he normally gets paid for his services there's probably a limit on what he can share.

    @mdcc_tester knows about bike aeros and crr.

  • With regards to power meters, it would be useful as well to have tips on training to a HR, etc. I'll have a dig for some of that myself.

    The basic concept was, though we have loads of threads in the wider forum, it would be nice to have threads (unlike this one!) with minimal waffle, and plenty of info. Even to forming a group keen on any given style of riding, putting up a weekly post for things they could do to train that week, and monthly (or more/less frequently) skills sessions.

  • If anyone wants to do training rides for hill climbs, I'll happily come along and cheer them up the slope. That's all the training I'm doing for them this year.

    edit: essentially a list of lists of training? Lists will never catch on.

  • Training zones, these can probably correlate to a specific HR/Power

  • Sportives:


  • also, for max slvless, @JAMIE is your man. And @brave probably has some road racing insight.

  • Turbo training

    I have two main sessions that I do:

    The Gordon Wright Pyramid Interval Session:


    An adapted and updated version of this is one of my core turbo sessions (when I do them... need more discipline this year). It's horrible and it hurts but it's probably as close to a 'magic session' as you'll get. I always do this from a state of full recovery cos it's hard enough without being tired before hand. You won't be doing much the day after. Each interval done at the maximum effort that can be sustained for the interval duration.

    I do:


    8(15s on/45s on)

    8 minutes active recovery

    6(1 minute on/2 minutes off)

    8 minutes active recovery

    4(5 minutes on/ 6 minutes off)

    6 minutes active recovery

    Warm down

    If I don't have time for that session I do 2(10(1 minute on/1 minutes off)) with 10 minutes of active recovery in between sets.

    Other training is sweetspot rides on the road and racing. Very rarely ride for over 2 hours.

  • More structured than that hopefully. I'll try and show an example in a minute.

  • This is a great thread @eyebrows
    I was meant to email you but I'll ask here.

    I am a noob and want to race. Tbh I dont even know what I should race for but ideally I'd like to do road racing.

    I have few questions as a starter:

    Training and Club
    I am mostly set to join Kingston Wheelers this payday. A bit confused about this mainly because hovering on their forum/doing initial ride with them it didnt seem like a club that promotes racing as such .. Whenever I do solo laps of Richmond I see dyanmo guys in chaingang and no other club. After reading Dynamo's 'rules' of joining it felt a bit inclusive but I will go for an initial ride with them too and see for myself. Kingston was an easy choice living in SW London.

    The advice that I've got from here says that joining a club will be good for training rides, motivation and maybe race day logistics (read below). Before joining a club it would be nice to go on a training ride with you lot tbh. I have never really ridden in group; almost always solo rides.

    Logistics of racing
    This is another thing I am concerned with. Having look at the BC website most of the road races or sportives are away from London. I dont have a driving license and I dont own a car. Few here have mentioned their experiences with club members helping out or giving lift which I think would be a huge benefit for me. Can this be covered in some way under LFGSS CC?

  • Don't know about road racing, but they have some very strong time triallers. Definitely do some group rides before you go racing, otherwise you'll find it very unnerving to be doing 30mph with people inches away from you at either side!

  • Remember you must be female, under 18 or a Cat 3 racing male to be able to attend since new member joining restrictions apply from 11th July 2014 until the year end.

    Ah well I guess Dynamo is not a choice anymore till the end of the year.

  • Yeah, just read their membership criteria. What a shower of cunts.

  • I've got to admit, my training was always put together without much thought or scientific rigor, though it's great motivation to get me back into it!

  • Dynamo have always been a shower of cunts.

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LFGSS.CC Training- rides, skills,etc.

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