Sad news DMC Zone RIP

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  • I had no idea, such a shame, what a wonderful guy. The few times I met him he exuded kindness and intelligence. We've lost a good one.


  • Heart breaker- so sad to hear this. Happy memories from a waifs and strays when he turned up on a gorgeous bike (Colnago?) and inexplicably, far too few clothes- freezing with a big smile.
    RIP Dwayne.

  • Man, just heard. Very sad. I didn't know him well but bought my first proper frame from him, a beautiful orange Stratton. A gentleman to deal with and patiently answered all my noob questions

  • Just saw this on Joe slains Facebook.

    Rest in peace Dwayne. Thoughts and condolences go out to his family and friends. Top bloke with the right attitude to everyone around him.

  • I have no words. Rest in peace.

  • He was always getting caught short!

    I remember at one HH jumble he scored two beautiful Chas Roberts built Stratton road frames for a song, problem was he'd rocked up on one of his sweet brakless tarck bikes so had no way of getting them home... He had to leave them at mine for a couple of weeks...

    Or we got super shitfaced at Le Reej after forum track day and he had to borrow lights so he could wobble back home...

    Never a problem tho', always cool as a cucumber... Many lolz were had... :)

  • :..(

  • Very sad news. He was such a gentleman.

    RIP Dwayne

  • Horrible news

    RIP Dwayne

  • Dwayne was the first person I ever met, face to face, from the forum. Just like that he let me borrow two tools for a week.

    Every time I've bumped into him since was a pleasure.

    A gentleman (with impeccable taste) is gone.

    Rip Dwayne.

  • Oh god. this is the saddest news.
    Dwayne was the lovliest man, he really was.
    I'm wearing one of his 531 Awesome t shirts today too. I think that's how I met him, at wests, picking it up.

    Damn, DMC, I'll miss you. RIP brother.

  • Oh man. Just found out via Facebook. A splendid man of refined taste and grace, with a bike collection befitting his character. A great pity he's gone.

    RIP dmczone.

  • RIP Dwayne, just read the news on fb and still can't believe it.

    One the first times I bought parts on this forum was from Dwayne, we met on Oxford st and the first thing I noticed was his bike and the red anodized rims.
    He was always cool and generous.

    Sad times.

  • Very sad news R.I.P … :(

  • Terrible news. Echoing the sentiment above, Dwayne was one of the kindest and most gentlemanly people I've ever had the pleasure of knowing. What a loss.
    Some lovely pictures on this thread, heartbreaking.
    That freezing New Year's day at HH Jumble stands out (he was thoroughly amused that I wasn't wearing socks).
    RIP DMCZone


  • What terrible news. What a true gent.
    R.I.P DMC Zone.

  • Fuck, gutted about this. Was always good to see him up at norths when he made his way up the hill. Proper nice guy. R.I.P Dwayne.

  • I saw the thread header and thought nah, this is some lfgss tomfoolery or an error. My heart sank hard when it became clear it whom it was. I'm struggling to accept this one.

    My GT track gets a lot of love. Without Dwayne it would never have been:
    It's ebay sales page was posted in porn and I thought, "fffuuuuuc I really want that"
    and like a few others expressed my lust on the thread. Sale ended 2.00am Sunday, I told myself, "yup, I'll bid when when I get back home" as I headed out for some Saturday night wrongness. 11am Sunday and I'm woken up by the packaging from my apple crumble and custard and spilt can of Ting....I'd forgotten to bid.

    About a fortnight later I get a call from Dwayne asking if was into that GT?
    "Yes" I said slightly puzzled.

    Turns out Dwayne won it but decided it was slightly too big and offered it to me. Funny thing is, if I had remembered to bid we'd have only jacked the price of the frame up for each other.

    I was so happy he did this. He remembered.

    !\[\](2013-05-25 18.20.36.jpg)

    What a dapper, well informed, softly spoken, tasteful gent. @Dwayne I'll miss you and your warm vibes.­U88

  • Friday night drinks in his honour?

  • Absolutely gutted to hear this news this morning, I'm in tears and will go on with a heavy heart today.

  • Just seen this thread after seeing FB. Very sad news, condolences to his family and friends.
    I used to see Dwayne every few days doing my commute to or from work, and off course at wests.

    RIP Dwayne.

  • Damn, just saw this on facebook. One of the kindest people as all have said... a fellow Philly soul who made me feel so at home in London. RIP Dwayne... my 531 Awesome T is still in regular rotation but will be sure to keep reppin' your witty geeky humor here in your home city. My heart goes out to his family and close friends.

  • Absolutely rotten news. RIP dude.

  • Bring your 531 gear, your nicest bike and only drink Guiness.

    So nice to see so many old names show up here. A true mark of respect to the man.

  • Oh.
    Dwayne helped me out. So many times back in the day. Just with little things like tools or small part purchases.

    Two massive stand out memories are:

    1) waiting with or for @wools for a tnrc we decided to ride from Hyde Park to. Dwayne went by on the sweetest red track bike. Immaculate. Massive gear and no brakes.

    2) on a ride, somewhere, one of the 2008-10 vintages. Sweet bike. Overgeared. Kept rubbing the tyres to rub flints off. I'm guessing he didn't have puncture proof tyres.

    Always immaculate. Always collected. Always smiling. Whenever I saw him.
    He always looked so healthy and happy, physically and mentally.

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Sad news DMC Zone RIP

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