League Season VII (2014-2015): Format Discussion etc

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  • So... the worlds have happened, the last UK tourney of the year (Canterbury) is at the end of this month, its time to start discussing the league....bench? 3v3? let discussion commence...

  • Crease?

  • Just do the same as last year. People put forward entire proposals for a format and we vote on it. Deadline of 1st October for submissions?

  • What Kev said. Maybe we need to get @M_A_X to start a thread with an STV vote. We're a bit behind last year already, seem to remember the league starting early October..

  • maybe there should be a sticky in the main bike polo forum with a link leading to this thread cause now lfgss has gone wierd and hides lpc and lhbpa forums, i dont think anyone looks at them anymore...

  • There are no proposals for a vote yet, @nesbit

  • Nice work max.

    I really enjoyed the format last year but think that there might be a case for tweaking it and having the 1st div play that 3 chukker format and the lower division playing 3 separate games so wedont end up with those ridiculous scorelines when much weaker teams play much stronger teams...

  • I'm in... Can we just copy the winning proposal from last year as a starting point, if people want to make alternatives they can?

  • ^^+1 for punkture's proposal, or something like it.

  • Are you sure there'll be two divisions?!

  • Good point, at the moment it doesn't look like anyones even interested in a league...

  • Some people are just keeping quiet because they will play but don't care about format.

    List time?

    1. Louis
    2. Westway
  • Was going to @ everyone... Might try in a bit.

  • I'll do the marketing bit for the league.

  • im definitely in and would be dooooown with bench

  • I'm in, down with whatever format

  • Let's just move onto format, I think everyone's in.

  • Proposal 1
    Div 1: games of 3x 15 min chukkas (like last year)
    Div 2: one fixture = 3x 15 games (3 points for a win, 1 point for a draw in each 15 min game)

    Proposal 2
    3v3 games of 3x 15 min chukkas (like last year

    Proposal 3

    1 hr games
    Teams of 5
    sub pool of players that dont want to 100% commit. If a team is missing a player for a fixture they can get someone from the sub pool (with agreement from a 3 man league committee)

  • I agree with Louis. I haven't spoke up yet cus format doesn't bother me I just wanna play :)

  • im good with whatever

  • so, bench then?
    I reckon give it another week or so for any other proposals, then set a vote date and registration date so we can get the ball rolling

  • Ben (for your proposals 1 and 2), at what number of teams would the league be divided in two?

    Say, hypothetically, only ten teams register to play this year - would that just be one division, or would you split it in two...

  • I will submit the same format as last year and be willing to manage the league again. But I'm going to have a look first to see if there are any small tweaks to be made.

    I would also be willing to submit the version that Ben suggested (3 separate games for Div II) and manage it if Ben does not want to. Ben, if you want to co-manage one or both I'd be into that too.

  • sure Chukker resubmit what you did last year instead of my 2nd proposal if you want.

    Id be happy to co manage the league with you in whatever format this year too (although im not gonna be able to do much until the 5th November...)

  • I'd play a bench! Up for good times, epic games, good spectating fun! Not so bothered about 3v3 probs cos I'm not so bothered about competitive polo anymore but would for sure do a bench!

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League Season VII (2014-2015): Format Discussion etc

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