Cliff Shrubb 'Champagne Campaign' Lo-Pro

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  • Thank you!
    Got no more room at the in unfortunately :-(


    Cliff Shrubb Built frame on the rollerz

  • Top lolz, thanks for that!

  • Definitely would buy

  • Managed to make some more space in the inn!

    Picked this up yesterday from the depths of Surrey. Reynolds 531 throughout with the classic marks of a Cliff Shrubb frame. It was custom made for Graham Woods in 1993 who used to race quite a lot back in the day. He rode it quite a lot over the recent years and "overtakes young lads going up box hill" quite often apparently.

    Had to call in a favour from a mate of mine who lives in south to give us a lift to pick it up. Turns out he did work experience at Pearsons where Cliff used to work. My mate didn't realise til halway back to Purley who the frame was made by! I then helped him make the connection and he remembers spending a whole week of "work experience" making cups of tea for Cliff and the Pearson brothers while putting together basic bmx's and kids bikes.. the world feels really small sometimes.

    Anyways heres a prelim photo to get us going. Build plan etc to follow. -

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  • He rode it quite a lot over the recent years

    If that’s the case, he took really good care of it! A silver VMB neo retro build with classic cranks would look great on this :)

  • So much radness! Love the red one.

  • He did, paint is overall in amazing condition apart from very slight rusty bits from where a frame pump would have lived. I assume he was guilty of the classic stick a cork in the underside of the fork steerer trick.. so queue much swearing this evening trying to get a perished cork and seized stem out. Left it dripping in white wine vinegar before dinner. Going to have another attempt in a bit. Le sigh.

    What do you mean by VMB? Def think its going to have to be a mainly silver build but I quite like the black cockpit

  • Good luck with the stem!
    VMB means vintage modern bike, a somewhat confusing term coined by @gaston Basically silver more or less modern gear with a classic appearance, handbuilt wheels with shallow rims etc.

  • Got it out last night! Arms are feeling it today.

    I see! Yeah they look great but for now I have too much old kit kicking about spare. Theres something about the extra cables at the front end which I really don't like on flappy gear setups.

    I've got a set of Shamals and want to build a set of Mavic CXP30's up to Mavic 500's soon to get my intro into wheelbuilding started. What do you think about shamals to the Dura Ace kit thats on it atm? Should work right?

  • You out bid me! Well done that’s a great catch. I have 3 Cliff Shrubb bikes. Plus another in Gitane clothing. That was just up the road from me. Glad it’s gone to another Cliff appreciation society.

  • Ah! I had to have it, once I saw the build sheet I knew it was going to fit me like a glove. Send some photos over of your examples. Once I get this one rebuilt and ready I will love to come see them in person.

    The nitto bars will soon live on this paired up with some Sugino 75 Carbon levers and eventually a black nitto pearl stem once I find one.

  • Sounds like a plan! I have a mate with one in Raleigh Panasonic team livery so we might get half a dozen or so together. The frames ride so well. This is my Gitane copy Shrubb.

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  • You could use silver campa 9 or 10 speed ergopower levers. They work well with 8 speed shimano casettes and derailleurs and don’t have the open shifter cable routing. Shamals are great but personally, I prefer shallower rims on thin tubed frames. The rims that are currently on the bike suit it perfectly imo :)

  • Finally an update -

    Plan is to eventually have a mix of Suntour Superbe / Sugino 75 groupset on this but I'm liking the anodising colour of the dt shifters. Heres whats happened so far.

    • Switched out the cockpit for NItto m106nas x Nitto Specialized stem (thanks @VintageJon !)
      Looking to switch the stem for a black pearl 10/11 anyone?
    • Sugino 75 road Levers (Thanks @JWestland ) matched to Campag Chorus brakes, would love to find a nice set of calipers which are the same shade of anodized as the dt levers. Need to research!
    • Switched the Campag cranks for Suntour Superbe x Suntour GPX rings and removed the old bb replacing with a Tope titanium BB.
    • Flite Carbon seatpost x Flite TI Saddle. Would like to replace the seatpost for something shiny or titanium at some point.
    • Plans for wheels are to find a set of sealed bearing Hope Ti Glide and either find a set of anodized or silver rims to lace.
    • Rear derailleur going to swtiched for a Superbe Pro in a few weeks time when my connect out in LA brings back a load of stuff I've sent to him.

    Its been a lovely ride tbh, not really ridden a proper road bike ever and pretty much fits like a glove. So thanks Graham for letting me have it!


    Anyways, some more photos -

  • @BigH hope you're well bossman. Saw this and thought of you.

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Cliff Shrubb 'Champagne Campaign' Lo-Pro

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