Cliff Shrubb 'Champagne Campaign' Lo-Pro

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  • Oooh that's a nice chain.

    Yeah Cliff was the mechanic at Pearson's when I was a Saturday boy there and uni holiday work. Always referred to him as my best old friend and he had always had fantastic stories about his interesting life. He made me a clear laquered track bike in 2002 (below) and a 953 frame for my mum when it had just came out. I miss him!

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  • Wow, any more pics of (your Mum's?) bike in the second pic?

  • Both pics are of my track bike. 2nd pic is early days all clear lacquer to show off the workmanship. After a crash dented the top tube, it was filled and so I had the front sprayed pearlescent white to fade. I'll try and find some more pics

  • Bit of a photo-dump. Sorry for the hijack!

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  • Lovely words to go with a really lovely frame. From the photos I've seen, Cliff looked so much like my best mate from school, so kinda got a weird attachment to frames he built. Plus my ex was from down Croydon, near Sanderstead which is where I got my lo-pro from.

    Feel free to post any more photos you have!

  • Brilliant!! I'm gonna dump a load of photos of some of the Shrubb frames I've saved on my comp soon. Always wondered who that clear frame belonged to!!

  • What a coincidence! I have just literally got back from collecting a few bits from my parents' garage in Sanderstead. Gave me an opportunity to take a quick pic of my mum's Cliffy. Excuse the quality, i didn't want to touch it cos she might be riding it tomorrow

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  • And a 2008 pre-finish shot. Damn that frame is so light. Exact same geometry as her Casati race bike but with 5mm longer stays for 'guards

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  • Minor Update -

    Picked up a Royce Track BB today from @DoktorPepe

    Will be fitting this afternoon and seeing how many wattzz I can save :-P

  • Perfect! Another great bit of British craftsmanship by a man called Cliff

  • Turns out the DS bb cup has won and I have lost. I don't think its been removed since it was installed and even after an evening of trying I've given up. Off to @CleverMike in the next few days.

    In other news...
    Got the Campag Monoplaner fitted to the ITM crono set up. Looks and feels much nicer imo. Really need to get the popes hat polished up to match the headset a bit better.

  • garage in Sanderstead.

    I pickd up the bike from and old guy called David Little on Addington Rd, don't happen to know him by any chance?

  • I don't recognise the name but I'll ask my parents

  • Matching bartape to Reynolds decal win. Electrical finishing tape job, not so much.

    Looks incredible.

  • Hehehe. It's a nice colour but yeah the finishing isn't up to my standards either but it's only temporary until I get some proper 3m tape through the post.

    Thanks tho :-)

  • I love the colour of this bike. It's so clean too.
    Can I make a suggestion, and please don't be offended, have you thought of running a bigger chainring and matching out the gear with a larger rear sprocket?
    Personally I think it would look more aesthetically pleasing with a big chainring.
    I put a drilled 54 on my Aende and swapped out the block to suit so I could still push the gears.
    Just my opinion mind.
    Keep up the nice work

  • Thanks :-)
    Its all good, I haven't taken offence but my knees have ha. I've got a 16t campag cog on the mavic wheels and a 15t steel campag cog on the Khamsin. When I was riding daily I had it running at 49x15 but then I stopped riding due to knee pain when off the bike. Other than for photos I wouldn't run anything bigger and I think aesthetically it would be way too shouty to run anything bigger than a 52.

    Speaking of chainring, I've always wanted a pantographed Cliff Shrubb chainring for this but struggled to find a track chainring without the cut out like this one -

  • Minor update -

    BB is out!! and new saddle has arrived. TI Railed Tubomatic 2 with tha faux carbon weave hehe

    Still undecided if this build would be better suited to an aero seatpost or not...

  • JPR Aero seatpost would fit well with the Mavic, but I'd leave that one. It looks great.

  • Ha, when flicking through this thread and you asked about saddles - the Turbomatic 2 came straight to mind! Personal favourite.

  • Thats a pretty nice aero seatpost but I get what you mean. It does have nice feel and shape to it. Might just polish it up one day and leave it be

  • Hehe. I think the yellow really brings out the shape. Might need to get some yellow tape instead of the orange

  • Yellows are really hard to match. Take the saddle if you head to the shops or be prepared to buy and return lots of options.

  • If you haven’t fitted/used a Royce double-lockringed BB before, a word of advice: Use a threadlock. His crazily-priced ‘anti-shake’ stuff is a red threadlock that works with grease.

    If you ignore this advice it will creak like a bastard. You have been warned!

  • Also forget your new fork, it won’t be as beautiful as that one.

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Cliff Shrubb 'Champagne Campaign' Lo-Pro

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