Cliff Shrubb 'Champagne Campaign' Lo-Pro

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  • Cheeky cash in hand offer to the seller on ebay got me this beautiful Cliff Shrubb kitted head to toe with Campagnolo parts.

    The photos aren't great so won't post many but more photos are here if you wanna see -­N05/sets/72157646216109308

    Bought off an old chap called David Little who tells me it was gifted to him by his sponsors a good few years back with a rough value of over £1800. Little was originally from Tooting and he used to mainly race sprints, reason being he was always late to school and built up quick legs from riding super fast in the morning and back again in the afternoon for dinner. Often riding again in the evening when there was less traffic. He raced for quite a few years being top of his club/area for a long time from what I remember him telling me. Residing now in Sanderstead, he handed me this bike with a smile and lots of stories, telling me he was happy to give it to someone who will look after it and most importantly ride it.

    D. Little written on the rear tubular with a biro was a nice surprise.

    Cliff Shrubb (RIP) was a master frame builder and I wont write much but you can find some excellent info on these links -­lders/shrubb-vines-builders.html­-shrubb-appreciation­5&t=87334

    Measurements are 56 centre to top seattube x 54 centre to centre tt

    I found its similar to this frame that was on the forum a while back -­6/#comment9499169

    Plans are to keep it pretty original, replace a few things like the cockpit, rear wheel as the spokes are mega rusty and have a few different wheelsets. Will get an aero seatpost too at some point too. Got a matching ambrosio roulette disc wheelset to put on it too, should be fun!

    Comments, opinions, information etc. all welcome!

  • Looks great.

  • Ohhhh shiiit. Frame, build, EVERYTHING looks great, (apart from that stem).

    Gonna leave the brake on there?

  • Yep gonna leave the brake on there for double disc purposes, both tubular. Just got a Cinelli 1A and pickin up some LA84s on wednesday so that should be the cockpit sorted. Just wondering what tape to get, I want something different, maybe some fizik grey soft touch or this \/

  • Should have my camera repaired in a couple of weeks, get your bikes looking their finest :)

  • Will do. Gonna try get this ready by the next bridges ride.

  • You wanna double disc over every bridge in London?

  • Tubs arrived and now being stretched. Mismatched :-( but couldnt pass on the £15 conti competition.

    Anyone have a spare campagnolo lockring knocking about?

  • Yeah I have a spare one, will go find it in a bit.

  • this is beautiful... fillet brazed lo pro goodness..

    i think brown cotton tape will look mega suave in a very seventies way

  • Double disc's will look so good.
    ^Brown cotton is a good call - white bike ribbon would also work

  • @IR, if you got one spare, an original campag one would be great. Will sort you out with a beer at st pauls this sat.

    I think brown could look good, but what are my options, Newbaums and Velox? The brown looks a bit pale in this photo -­75792_7b45b038e0_z.jpg

    If I would get something brown it would be this tape­le-bar-tape-p-3531.html Looks like quite thick an comfy but only found one place with it in stock.
    I quite like the teal version though.

  • Tubs glued. Sorted out the spacing on the rear disk. Weathers been shit so this photo will have to do.

    One issue, campagnolo chainring bolts are too long. They literally 1mm from hitting the chainstays when cranks are on. The bolts measure 10mm and stick out by about 2.8mm, is this the standard length for track chainring bolts?

  • Nope, that seems way too long.

    I'll measure some now.

  • Mine have 7.3mm of threads.

  • Chainring bolts are looking to be sorted by the end of the week which is good news. Spend the best of a couple hours looking at bar tape. Come the conclusion that brown suede bar tape is not gonna happen. So I've narrowed it down to a possible 4,

    Im leaning towards the orange benotto tape as it will look pingin in the little sunshine we have in london.­1607678_7dc452c7b5_b.jpg The grey silva tape would match the toe straps Ive got on the way from ebay though. Ah, too many choices :-(

  • 1 or 3

  • Defs 3

  • Gonna have to get some newbaum tape from kinoko at some point today/tomo. What do you guys think of the light blue benotto tape, could match nicely with the blue from the ambrosio logos on the disc wheels?

  • Seat pin looks like Super Record. Why change it?

  • And cloth bartape on that is just plain wrong.

  • @Skülly, Yeah, I tried one aero seatpost last night but don't actually like the look. Ill hopefully get it polished up next week. I ended up buying some of that blue benotto tape. I think thats gonna be the best option for now.

    This leads to another question, what brake to use? Im thinking, as its only drilled for front brake, go on some single reverse lever kinda thing like this guys Barry Chick but not in the same position -­om/4551772854/in/set-72157625167666582

    These seem to be alright?­evers-Best-value-/261439120016?pt=LH_Def­aultDomain_0&hash=item3cdefc6290

  • This is beautiful bro.

    I have some dark brown Benotto Cello tape I'll let go for £5 and a beer if you want.

  • Ooh yeah, that blue stuff. As well as matching the Ambrosio logo it has a similar depth of tone to the champagne paint work, if you see what I mean.

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Cliff Shrubb 'Champagne Campaign' Lo-Pro

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