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  • I've been thinking about trying to get a regular weeknight ride going, would anyone be keen?
    The plan would be to do a loop leaving from StPauls with a distance somewhere around 30k, pace would be fairly quick, could then grab food (not bagels ;p) afterwords if people are feeling sociable. I was thinking either Tuesday or Wednesday but I'm open to suggestions.
    Any takers?

  • Make it start at 7pm or a bit after and will ride from work(croydon) and then around. Food like a proper meal would be good too.

  • Thats what I was thinking, meet at 7ish for a 7:30 start and then finish up somewhere with decent food.

  • I'm just putting this link here for the music...


  • I'm new to all of this but definitely interested

  • I'd be up for this.

  • I'm in

  • If you are on Facebook - 'Wednesday Beer and Ride!!!' meet er, every Wednesday and they do good rides. Not managed to actually join one yet, but they are v active and it's a weekday evening ride. Some might even be on here? Can't link to the page right now but will do?

  • Anyone up to a ride now?:)

  • Right going to get the ball rolling on this. Heres what Im thinking:
    Next Wednesday
    7pm at StPauls (leaving at 7:30)
    Route TBD but possibly a loop out west and back along the embankment

    Hopefully the weather will be reasonable, if not then I may postpone.

    Whos in?

  • Sounds good but where is the food at?

  • Haha, well that is open to discussion

  • I'm in.
    Wednesday sounds good.

  • I'm game!

  • I shall be there

    I retract that statement I'm not in the uk apologies

  • I should be in

  • Weather is looking good tomorrow so lets do this. Ill post up a specific thread with more details.
    Whos in?

  • If I'm not too nackered from today's ride yeah.

  • I'll try to make it

  • Looks like Ill be working late this Wednesday, would anybody have any objections if we did Thursday this week instead?

  • I've got stuff on every weekend until October so I'd definitely be up for a Thursday night ride.


  • Obviously majority rules but I'm working Thursday, I'm around Saturday so it's not a big deal for me.

  • Can't do Thursday, but hopefully in for the week after if it goes back to Wednesdays.

  • I will be riding on Thursday anyway but please feel free to organise a wednesday ride this week in my absence.

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Weeknight rides

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