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  • Spoke to Mario last night - seatpost is out, brake bosses removed (by his brother Winston), and frame is now stipped, dipped and in primer waiting to be painted...

  • And.....@hazzus

  • Yes... Want to see more!

  • And it's ready!

    gonna pop down and pick it up this week... so watch this space!

  • Excited to see the result. If you don't mind me asking, how much does Mario Vaz charge? Everything I've seen by him looks great.

  • This looks mega

  • So............

  • @hazzus personal question, but how much did Vaz charge for the sweet fluro fade? looking at getting something very similar done and haven't had time to pop down to chat with him yet. Answer view PM if you'd rather! Ta :)

  • Sorry for the lack of updates - My daughter is at a lovely interactive stage (4 months) so i've been spending most of my time with her, so apologies for the lack of updates.

    So... the paint... I had hoped for more of a turquoise transition between the blue and the green, but i'm really pleased with it. Have fitted the CK 2 nut and a campag pista bb, here's a sneaky iphone shot..

  • Nice color scheme!
    Works great with rims/headset...

    A black (Stronglight Delta?) chainring would be awesome

  • Looks great - have been waiting to see this.
    I'm not sure what exactly the brief was to Mario but I would have wanted a longer fade but either way it looks cool.

  • God tell me about it. When I asked Dave Yates to fade an orange overspray into yellow, I was hoping for a bit more than two inches of fade.

    Then the Talbot dude used similar colours on his road bike but with a massive long fade, I was gutted.

  • Thanks guys –

    @TRA @Skülly I thought I was pretty explicit about what I wanted, I gave him the FC pics, and explained my vision. Apparently the turquoise would need to be a different colour, and would hence need to be put in the oven again - but he told me this after it was done.

    I guess if i'd wanted to pay, I could have gone to Argos, or kleinspainted (who wanted 5x as much cash, and have a 24 month waiting list) The finish is very good, and at under £100, was fitting for my current situation. No, it wasn't quite what I was expecting, but i'm a designer, and have to get over myself every now and then, especially when i'm paying out of my own pocket :) A month later, and some fresh eyes, decals and nice black finishing kit, it's looking great :)

    i'll get on and get it built!

  • It looks great and also definitely the right priorities.
    Congratulations on the small human child!
    (not sure I realised you had a kid before).

  • Lovely. More photos please when your daughter allows you to!

  • For under a ton, that's very decent

  • Colours are nice and blingy!

  • If it was under a hundred quid you could always do it again with a longer fade some time in the future if you grow frustrated with it, and you'd still have got your money's worth.

  • The “interesting history” GH lo pro is on the road again! After collecting parts, a couple of kids, and a move to the other side of the world, the Fat Chance inspired Geekhouse is finally rolling, and it’s fantastic - even a puncture didn’t stop me smiling today.

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    • 255C04AE-C5B2-46E8-9732-C0C019F55BF1.jpeg
  • (Just realized I forgot to put the headbadge back on, felt it didn’t warrant it until the shakedown was complete)

  • Arguably the forum's most famous bike.

    Wonderful to see it being ridden again.

  • yay!

  • Yesss!

  • I was sure I replied to this.
    Looks amazing and I'm so glad you're enjoying it.
    If you do decide ever to sell it, do let me know and I will retire it to an appropriate place on my wall of bikes.

  • The segmented "Yo Marty" fork is a nod to Massachusetts frame building of yore, and Marty trained under Mike Flanigan, who previously welded for Fat Chance...

    Mike painted (and did office) work for Fat City. Mike didn’t pick up a torch till he was working for IF (and still did office work) and then for himself at ANT (also doing office work). Mike (finally free from office work) is now at Seven, I think working with Brad from Geekhouse (Brad might be at Boston Dynamics now, haven’t seen him for a hot minute).

    In all likelihood Brad was the one who built this bike.

    Edit: PS are you in the states now? Need a “made in Massachusetts” Fat Chance decal for the Geekhouse?

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Geekhouse LoPro

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