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  • I was lucky enough to be able to buy this from @eyebrows earlier this year, after not being able to afford it 5 or so years ago when it came up for sale. I'm just picking the project up now, after figuring out the direction I want to take it.

    As a lot of you know, the bike has some serious forum history, for being stolen and recovered and for just a generally mental paintjob:

    Its now in a slightly sadder state in a slightly battered clear powdercoat:

    I mocked it up with the wheels i'll be using - Black Phil Wood SLRs on Open Pro Ceramics, with Paselas, and a syncros road stem I picked up up from the states, which might give a clue as to the bike's direction (sorry for the crappy pic):

    So I set about removing a stubborn BB which came out after a bit of wrestling, and the seatpost is currently soaking in WD-40 as a first resort to removing it, but i'm not holding my breath.

  • If you struggle with the seat post i know someone who is guaranteed to sort it with minimal damage. Been through this myself. Good luck!

  • RIP sweet paintjob

  • what happened to the paint?

  • As far as I know @eyebrows sold it to someone, then bought it back as you see it now...

  • As above.
    I can't wait to see it reincarnated.

  • Got a couple of packages from the states today - some new black outline GH decals from Boston (Cheers Marty!)

    ... and a short Syncros Seatpost in 27.2 - should be nice with a bit of TLC and some new decals

  • It would be pretty easy to stay with the bold block colour theme of "modern" Geekhouses, but I fancy something a bit different.

    I grew up with MTB'ing in the mid '90s, and Fat Chances were the bikes I always lusted after (you might spot my red BuckShaver awaiting some TLC in the background :) The segmented "Yo Marty" fork is a nod to Massachusetts frame building of yore, and Marty trained under Mike Flanigan, who previously welded for Fat Chance...

    Anyway, that seems like enough post-rationalisation for what I want to do... I've always been a sucker for the Aqua fade on the Team Yo Eddy, especially with black finishing kit - so am going to go for the classic bright (baby!) blue over an fluoro green:

  • Carefully removed the headbadge, and gave it a quick polish with Autosol

  • at this point might I suggest relacing the hoops with black spokes..

  • I kinda like silver spokes...

  • Who's going to paint it?

  • Yes Fat Chance. They're Marty's inspiration essentially anyway, and it will look great.
    Reading this makes me miss the impracticality of the bike a fair bit.
    And the paintjob.
    Ahh regrets from an age of inability to control my finances.

    (also it makes me so happy to see it reincarnated).

  • @TM Gonna get Mario Vaz to do it - he did a nice job on the Mino Denti frame, and seems to be pretty good at the fades

    @eyebrows Yeah, I feel it needs something a little more exciting than a simple powdercoat as a nod to its previous incarnation

  • Next question is brake bosses, or no brake bosses on the fork? i've got a Paul motolite caliper, mocked it up and it was massive... I'm gonna run a brake on this, so should I:

    1. Go for a mini V - as a nod to the MTB inspiration, as the fork has bosses already
    2. Go for a simple caliper brake, to clean up the front end
  • Mini v

    Am sure Mario will do a great job, keen to see the results, may be tempted to ask him to do something similar but hot pink/blue on my donohue. Dem fadez.

  • Cheers @TM, I actually decided to go for a caliper - the brake bosses weren't straight, and it irritated me! also, as the segmented fork is designed for a ~25c tyre, it tapers inwards at the top (unlike the MTB version which are straight) so I felt a caliper would be a neater option (also give the option to remove it for a cleaner look)

    Popped down to Mario Vaz's this morning, and dropped the frame off with him... checking out some paint samples here, and matching it to the Yo Eddy reference (Mario's going to mix up a lime green with more yellow in it - this sample is actually more of a candy apple in the light)

    I did this quick mockup of the rough fade direction i'm after (roughly an "average" angle of the top tube and seatstay angles.

    I also provided some digital photos of the Yo Eddy as a reference, as the colours are obviously totally off printed in CMYK

  • do it:

  • can send you a jpg if yo want a reference... or if you want other options.

  • skills!

  • haha...

    @TRA nice work! I've been holding off doing that, as these things never end up looking quite how you want them to, but cheers! I think i've made the right choice of colour scheme...

    If you can stick the JPG up, that would be great...

  • @TRA would rep

  • Strong look. I approve!

  • Would rep so hard right now!

    Dammit I need some sick fades in my monochromatic pearl white life...

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Geekhouse LoPro

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